Tuesday, 14 June 2011

3 Security Methods That Will Save Your Business Money on Insurance

Theft is a serious problem for businesses in Canada. The modern burglar is able to pick through just about any lock and, in some cases, is armed with a knife or firearm. Insurance brokers understand that investments in security can pay dividends in terms of minimizing risk and so in this installment of the Everything Insurance blog, we will be discussing a few investments that will save you money on your business insurance premiums.

1. Keep the lights on
According to the US Department of Justice, the biggest deterrent of would-be burglars is light. The cover of darkness is the best way to avoid getting caught for burglars and so they will often avoid buildings that are well illuminated. To the environmentally conscious business person this may seem like a waste of energy, but provided only a portion of the lights are turned on each night, the ecological footprint can be minimized.

2. Deadbolts
A quick and simple method of improving your overall security is to replace your regular locks with deadbolts. They tend to be fairly inexpensive and if installed on every door they can save you a substantial chunk of change. Not only can deadbolts reduce your insurance premiums, they are a considerable deterrent for would-be burglars. Ultimately, a skilled burglar can eventually get through one, but an added disincentive may make a would-be burglar consider robbing another business or, hopefully, avoid robbing altogether!

3. Comprehensive security system
A sure-fire way to make a burglar reconsider robbing your business is to install a sophisticated security system. It is such a strong deterrent of burglars that insurance companies are more than willing to reduce your premiums. It just makes sense: if you are at a lower risk level, then you should not be paying a particularly high premium.


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