Wednesday, 15 June 2011

Do I need car insurance for rental cars?

Anyone who has rented a car has been asked those fateful words: "Would you like to add rental insurance to your car?" As a sceptic of additional fees in just about any context, I have often flatly refused the service. "No thanks, my car insurance covers that," I'll reply. When I walk away, however, I often question whether or not I am indeed actually covered. What would happen to me if I were involved in a collision? Do I really even know for sure whether my car insurance package insures me against rental car damage?

The truth is: not every car insurance package is created equally. Insurance policies are complex and it is often difficult to determine what exactly one is covered for! This is where the importance of having a trustworthy insurance broker comes to play. In Canada, there are three main ways in which individuals can acquire insurance: 1) the government, 2) the insurance providers themselves, or 3) insurance brokers. At Sharp Insurance, we believe strongly that you should be dealing with someone you trust and someone who is closer to a friend than a business associate. Namely, we believe that individuals should be working with brokers, the people who know and understand your needs.

So when you're in line to rent a car, remember that you can always count on a broker to give you the straight facts. In particular, Sharp Insurance can go through your policy with you to ensure that you know exactly what you're covered for. For a free quote, go to the Sharp Insurance website and see how much you an save!


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