Friday, 24 June 2011

How to Make Sure Your Car Insurance Premiums Don't Go Up Over the Summer

For most of us, the summer is a time of carefree adventure and good times. It's a time for camping with friends, taking a long roadtrip somewhere or just hitting the beach. With many of these activities comes an increased use of your vehicle. As you use your vehicle more frequently, your risk of collision and other mishaps increases. However, being conscious of the fact that summer has its own set of risks can act as a reminder to practice safe driving.

Roadtrips call for long, extended periods of driving, often until late at night or early in the morning. But while the story of how you and a friend drove straight for 36 hours may make an interesting anecdote at a party, there are serious risks that accompany driving for long periods of time without proper rest. The point of a roadtrip is to see the country, meet interesting people, and enjoy the company of your fellow roadtrippers. Why not stay overnight somewhere to get a better feel for the place you're in? That way you will get a taste for the town while also getting a proper night's rest.

Summer is also construction season and with construction means construction speed zones. Be sure to look out for construction signs as you drive to your destination. Speeding in a construction zone not only puts workers at risk, but also could land you a very expensive ticket. What's more, your insurance company may decide to increase your premiums afterwards.

Finally, with the advent of summer comes the increase in likelihood of thunderstorms. We've seen our fair share of thunderstorms in Alberta in the last few weeks, and it is likely to continue. Thunderstorms could mean broken branches falling from trees on your vehicle, or heavy objects in your yard flying into your car. To avoid this, remove weak tree branches and put heavy objects inside a shed or your house. That way you won't have to worry about objects flying into your vehicle, causing damage.

Staying mindful of a few things will not only make you a better driver, but it will make sure that your carefree days of summer remain carefree. Making sure to get proper rest while on long roadtrips, watching out for construction zones, and taking precautions before a thunderstorm will all contribute to you having a safe and happy season.


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