Friday, 17 June 2011

Preventing Smoke and Fire Damage

Dealing with smoke and fire damage can be an exasperating and emotionally trying experience. Smoke and fire can destroy precious memories in the form of photographs, photo albums, diaries, and other irreplaceable keepsakes. Unlike basement flooding, discussed in the last post, fire and smoke can spread to all areas of the home, making it a particularly destructive form of damage. There are, however, means of preventing fire and smoke damage in your home. 

Invest in a monitored fire alarm system 
A monitored alarm system differs from a regular alarm system in that it sends a direct message to the fire department or a third party company that contacts the fire department on your behalf. This provides you and your family with additional protection by contacting the fire department in the quickest possible time, thereby minimizing the damage done to your home. It could save the lives of your family while also stopping damage to your home.  

Avoid the "octopus" outlets
"Octopus" outlets can be incredibly convenient, but they are known to cause electrical fires. If you're finding that you don't have enough outlets, use a power bar or consider rewiring your house to include more outlets. "Octopus" outlets are not a safe alternative and should be removed and replaced as soon as possible. 

Avoid bare lightbulbs in closets with clothing
A 100-watt bulb can heat up to 150 degrees Celsius, enough to be a serious fire hazard. Make sure to avoid this risk by covering it with a glass fixture or installing LED lights instead. This measure will ensure that your closet does not become the source of a fire! 

With these and other tricks, you can reduce the risk of fire and smoke damage in your home. It is always wise to invest in fire insurance as well, since sometimes all the prevention in the world can't stop a fire. In the unlikely event that your home is damaged by fire and/or smoke, you can rest assured that you won't be saddled with the costs. 


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