Friday, 17 June 2011

Vancouver Riots and Car Insurance: A Reminder of the Importance of Comprehensive Coverage

The recent, embarrassing riots in Vancouver are an important reminder of how valuable Comprehensive Insurance can be for policyholders. According to CTV British Columbia, as of Thursday morning, 102 claims for car damage had already been made in Vancouver. For car owners without Comprehensive Insurance, damage done to your car in a riot will not be covered.

What does Comprehensive Insurance cover? 
Comprehensive Insurance reimburses you for damage done to your vehicle from causes other than collision. This includes weather damage from hail and floods, loss of your vehicle due to theft, and damage caused by fire, glass breakage, falling objects, explosions, earthquakes, windstorms, and vandalism or malicious mischief. Most importantly, in light of the recent riots in Vancouver, it covers riots or other forms of civil commotion. That means that if your car was stuck in the middle of a riot zone and a group of rioters turned it over or broke the windows, you would be covered. 

Why consider Comprehensive Insurance? 
Aside from the obvious reasons of protecting your vehicle against a whole host of different threats, Comprehensive Insurance will cost you very little a month. Considering how many risks you are covered for, it makes financial sense to invest in Comprehensive coverage. You can also rest assured that should there be any civil commotion, such as a riot like that experienced in Vancouver, your vehicle will be covered. 

In light of civil disturbances such as the G20 riots in Toronto and the Stanley Cup riots in Vancouver, it makes sense to consider Comprehensive Insurance. Not only that, but should you encounter weather damage or damage from theft, you will be covered. In terms of value for your dollar, Comprehensive Insurance covers you against many risks while remaining relatively inexpensive. 


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