Thursday, 28 July 2011

How To Prevent and Fix Interior Rain Damage

Rain damage in the interior of your vehicle can be one of the most aggravating forms of damage to your car, primarily because it's so easily preventable. Most people have accidentally left their window or sunroof open at some point in their lives. Some are fortunate enough to have done so at a time when there was no rain; others have left it open right before torrential showers. If you fall into the latter category, this blog post is for you.

Remove as much upholstery from the car as possible
Remove the floor mats and set them out to dry. If you're able to remove the seats, take them out as well and put them somewhere they will dry quickly. Use a wet vacuum (on dry suck setting) to remove as much water as you can from the seats and floor mats as well. You can often rent a Rug Doctor car vacuum from supermarkets or vacuum supply stores.

Pick up an Odour Bomb or other odour removing product
After you've set out your mats and other upholstery pieces to dry, your next step should be to pick up some kind of odour removing product. After rain has leaked into your car, it's going to smell pretty funky. The Odour Bomb is a heavy-duty product that goes beyond what air fresheners do. After opening it, you leave it in the car for 2 hours, remove it, and then let your car ventilate for 30 minutes. The damp smell should be gone.

Consider professional mould removal
If the rain damage is particularly bad, you may want to talk to a car detail specialist about having your car professionally cleaned. Sometimes mould can develop under the upholstery and leave your car smelling funky. If there's mould growing under your floor carpet, there's no amount of Odour Bombs that will get rid of the the smell!

Consider buying a wind and rain guard
If you like to leave your window a crack open at night to allow air to flow through your vehicle, you should consider buying a wind and rain guard. Wind and rain guards are plastic attachments that line the top of your car's window sill and streamline your vehicle, making it easier to drive in poor weather. Hanging down an inch or two over the top of the window, a wind and rain guard also protects against rain damage as long as the window is only open a crack. 


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