Wednesday, 6 July 2011

How To Protect Your Home While On Vacation

In the anticipation and excitement of pre-vacation preparations, most people don't think of what they can do to protect their home from burglars while they're away. The truth is that would-be thieves look for homes that appear unoccupied and could target your home if you don't make the appropriate preparations before leaving. A few quick measures taken before going on vacation will help to ensure that you don't return to a burgled home and the subsequent insurance claim process.

Get help from your neighbours
Good neighbours will look out for one another. Tell a few trustworthy neighbours that you will be gone on vacation; this way, they can keep an eye on your house from time to time to see if anything looks amiss. If you can, see if they can pick up the newspaper, shovel the walk and driveway, or mow the lawn to make your home look unoccupied. Neighbourhood kids are often looking for gainful employment and would be thrilled to have some spending money in exchange for such a service.

Make it look like you never left
The most important thing when leaving your home for an extended period of time is to make sure your house look like you're still living there. Invest in an internal and external light timer to make sure your porch lights go on in the evening and off at night, and to ensure that the interior of your house looks well-lit. There's no better welcome sign to burglars than a home that has had the lights completely off for days in a row!

Deadlock it up
Regular locks can much more easily be picked or broken than deadbolt locks. Make sure all of the entrances to your home have deadbolt locking mechanisms. The investment could even reduce your insurance premiums!

Before breaking out the golf clubs, snorkelling masks or ski poles, be sure to make appropriate security preparations before leaving your home. Talk to your neighbours and get their help with clearing out excess mail or a snowy driveway. Make sure to buy and set a light timer to keep your home looking lived-in. Finally, make sure you have deadlocks on all your doors. With these simple measures in place, burglars may think twice before robbing you.

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