Wednesday, 27 July 2011

Summer Safety Tips

There are few things better in the summer than a backyard barbecue: good friends, good food, and if you're lucky, a swimming pool to cool off in! Make sure you keep your summer months safe by properly storing and handling your propane tanks and enforcing pool safety rules. While you may be covered by liability insurance in the event of a pool accident, or home insurance in the event that a propane tank explodes, preventing accidents could save lives.

Propane safety
Propane is an excellent source of fuel for your BBQ but if it isn't used properly you could have a serious fire hazard on your hands. Firstly, be sure to store your tanks upright: this prevents leakage. To be sure there are no existing leakages, turn on the propane tank --without turning on the BBQ-- and spread a soap/water solution overtop of the valves.  If bubbles arise, there is probably a leak.

Secondly, when firing up your BBQ, be sure to do so outdoors. This seems fairly intuitive, but many people like to BBQ in their garages. On top of the inherent fire risk of lighting flammable gas indoors, there is also the added risk of suffocation when BBQs are lit in closed spaces.

Pool safety
As the owner of a pool, it is your responsibility to ensure that the people who use your pool are as safe as possible. Always be sure that there is someone present when someone is in the pool: nobody should swim alone! With children, an adult should be there at all times. Children should also wear floatation devices unless they are able to swim without one.

In addition, be sure you know how to turn off suction devices in the pool, as children can often be kept underwater by them. It is also wise to keep the deck of the pool dry. Puddles can be slippery and someone could easily slip and fall.


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