Friday, 5 August 2011

Exposed Door Hinges and Home and Commercial Security

Most doors are installed in such a way that they swing open inside. This means that the hinge remains hidden when closed, concealing the hinge pins from would-be thieves. Many garages and sheds, however, have doors that open outward, meaning that it only takes a few seconds to remove the hinge pins and take out the door without tampering with the lock. Rather than reinstalling the entire door, a number of quick additions can be made to make sure the exposed hinge pins remain where they are.

Crimped pins
One of the simplest and most effective forms of protecting your hinge pins is to replace them with crimped pins. Crimped pins are longer than the hinge and are crimped at the end so that they can't be removed. Unfortunately, you won't easily be able to remove the door if you need to!

Safety studs
Safety studs provide an alternate protection against would-be thieves. Small studs are installed on one side of hinge, fitting perfectly into a gap in the other side. When the door is closed, the stud and gap lock together, ensuring that even if your hinge pin is replaced your door will not move.