Friday, 9 September 2011

How To Add Years To Your Car’s Life

With fuel prices at record highs, it's difficult to see how you can save any money as a vehicle owner. Driving and maintaining a vehicle seems to more costly than ever! There are ways, however, to extend the life of your vehicle, improve its value, and optimize fuel efficiency without spending a lot of money. These small investments will save you considerable amounts of money in the long-run. 

1. Keep tire pressure up
Maintaining your tire pressure is an easy way to save fuel. Tires with low pressure produce more friction with the road, thus forcing the car to use more energy to move itself the same distance. Keeping your tires at their recommended PSI is a free way to save money at the pump! 

2. Change the oil and cooling fluid 
Improperly lubricating and cooling your engine will mean that your car's internal parts will wear out more quickly. Replacement parts can be extremely expensive, so getting regular oil changes and replacing cooling fluid on a regular basis could potentially save you thousands of dollars! 

3. Invest in a car cover
It costs very little to purchase a car cover. In fact, some go for less than $30 on Ebay! A car cover will protect the exterior of your vehicle from the sun, tree branches and bird droppings. Over time, these relatively insignificant damages can erode your car's paint, dropping its market value and possibly forcing you to invest in a new paint job.

4. Keep your interior clean  
In terms of selling your vehicle, keeping your interior clean may be the single best way to save money. A clean interior means a vehicle is more presentable to potential buyers, and shows that you take care of your vehicle. Moreover, if a buyer knows you take good care of the interior, they are more likely to believe that you take care of the rest of the vehicle. 


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