Monday, 12 September 2011

How to Make a Proper Photo Inventory of Your Possessions

When it comes to making an inventory of your possessions, the right technique for taking photos and video can speed up the process of making a claim. Moreover, properly cataloguing and organizing your files can make your life easier in the unlikely event that you need to be indemnified for a loss. Here are a few essential tips from the Insurance Experts at Sharp.

Start by taking out your videocamera and filming your house in one continuous shot. Take a wide-angle shot of the house and then move inside, walking through each room without stopping the recording. It will help to confirm the veracity of your tape if you include a family member in the shot.  

Room by room
After completing a video walkthrough of the house, go room-by-room with your still camera. In each room, begin by taking wide-angle photographs, and then proceed to take close-ups of individual items. Open closets and drawers to show all the contents. Take closeups of serial numbers for expensive equipment, so that your insurance company can make the connection between receipts you provide and the piece of equipment you have in your pictures. When it comes to close-ups, be sure to tie them to the rest of your house by having the room still visible in the background.

Organize effectively
To make your life easier, set up folders on your computer for each of the rooms in your house. That way your insurance company can quickly and easily look through your photos and make an estimate of the value of your possessions.

Along with a written inventory, a photo and video documentation of your home’s contents can speed up the claim process. A speedy claim process not only means less stress, but it means your family can go back to normal sooner. 

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