Thursday, 22 September 2011

How to Secure Your Home While on Vacation: A Checklist

As the days of summer come to a close and we return from the various vacations and excursions that define our favourite season. It's easy to forget that even short business or school-related trips require securing our homes to the same extent as longer vacations. Most insurance companies recommend that you take extra measures to secure your home if you leave your home for a few days.

Here at Sharp, we have compiled a list of the most important steps to take when leaving your home.

  • Get a timer. It will cost a few dollars, but a timer for lights will make your house look like it's being lived in. There's nothing more attractive to a would-be robber than an empty house. Making your home look occupied is one of the best measures you can take to protect your home from a robbery. 
  • Remove and hidden keys. If you're the kind of person who leaves keys under mats or in flowerpots, remember to put them inside the house before you leave. You should also consider not doing this in the future, as a home insurance claim may be rejected if it's shown that the robber used a hidden key to gain access to your home. 
  • Lock up. It may sound simple, but some people forget to close all windows and doors before they leave on vacation. Go through each room of your house and make sure that your windows and doors are closed and locked. Not only does this protect your home from being broken into, but closing windows also protects your interior from water damage in the event that it rains. 
  • Temporarily stop newspaper delivery. To a burglar, a small pile of newspapers on someone's porch may mean nobody is home. As mentioned earlier, an empty home is a greater target than an occupied one. Make sure to call your newspaper ahead of time and ask for the paper to be cancelled for the days that you are away. 
  • Have a neighbour check on the home. Talk to a trusted neighbour before you leave and ask them to check on your house periodically. They can pick up any fliers that have been attached to your door and ensure that your light timer is still working. 
  • Put your valuables into a safe deposit box. Precious jewelry or other important objects should be placed inside a safe deposit box. Hide this box in a place where robbers will be unlikely to look, like among storage boxes in the garage or basement. 


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