Tuesday, 18 October 2011

Do you know how to check your driving record?

Your driving record is one of the most important factors insurance companies take into consideration when determining your insurance premiums. Knowing how to access and understand your driving record is therefore of incredible importance, especially if there are any mistakes! You could be paying more than your fair share in premiums if there has been an administrative error.

How to access your driving record
In Alberta, there are three ways you can obtain your driving record, also know as a driver's abstract.
  • You can access your abstract by visiting a Service Alberta location in person with photo identification and a properly filled out request form. 
  • If you're out of province, you can request a driver's abstract by filling out this form, collecting the appropriate identification documents and having it signed by a Notary Public. 
  • Finally, you can have someone pick up your driver's abstract on your behalf. Fill out this form and send it to the registry office or the individual who will pick up the abstract for you. 
For further details on the process of obtaining your driver's abstract in Alberta, go to the Ministry of Transportation website. If you do not reside in Alberta, check the website of the Ministry of Transportation in your province. 

What if you find a mistake? 
If you find a mistake in your driving record, immediately contact the Ministry of Transportation in your province. They can guide you through the process of correcting your abstract.