Saturday, 8 October 2011

Fall Road Safety Tips Part 2

Frost on the road can cause serious collisions if not taken
seriously. Photo by: Oliver Dixon
In Part 1 of the Fall Road Safety Tips series, we looked at how to prepare your vehicle for fall driving. In Part 2, the final segment, we will be looking at special precautions you should take while behind the wheel during the fall season.

Watch out for leaves
One of the most beautiful aspects of fall is the brightly coloured leaves that appear on deciduous trees for a short time, and then fall to the ground. While mostly harmless, they can cause problems when clumped together on the road. Dead leaves can hold a great deal of water, and can cause the same problems as large puddles. Be sure to drive slowly over large patches of leaves and brake slowly.

Back to school
The fall season tends to correspond with the beginning of school for elementary, high school, and university students. After a long summer, you may have forgotten the proper precautions to take when a bus stops ahead of you. Remember, if the stop sign on the side of the bus is out, you must stop for the bus when approaching from either direction on a non-divided road. If you're on a divided road, you do not have to wait, although it's probably a good idea to be cautious anyway.

Frosty bridges
As the temperature drops, so too does the risk that bridges will become icy. Have you have ever wondered why there is a sign on the road before a bridge that says "Bridge Ices"? It's because bridges have wind taking away heat from both above and below, whereas regular sections of road only lose heat from wind above the surface. 

Glare on the road
As winter approaches, days become shorter and you're often faced with driving direction into the son on your commute to work. Be sure to keep a pair of sunglasses in the car and, if you're using the car's visor, always angle it away from your face. A visor pointed directly at your face can cause some serious damage in a motor collision. 


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