Saturday, 29 October 2011

How To Keep Your House Safe on Halloween

Nothing spoils a great Halloween like a rowdy bunch of pranksters. Armed with an arsenal of eggs, toilet paper, or worse, they can cause a homeowner a serious headache! While most young hooligans are not interested in causing any serious damage, there are sometimes groups of older kids who want to break a window or key a vehicle. 

There are a few important steps you can take to reduce the chances of your home or car being damaged. While you may have insurance, making a claim is just one more thing to think about when you're already busy enough. Save yourself the trouble by implementing these quick and simple measures. 

1. Be home on Halloween
If you can manage it, stay home on Halloween and make it very obvious that you're home. If you're handing out candy to kids, sit near a front window or near the front of the house to keep an eye on your property. Would-be-eggers will often look for the target with the least risk. If they see someone in the front window they may move on to the next house. 

2. Get a community watch group going
By taking into account some of these tips you may reduce the chances that your home will be targeted, but what about your neighbours? Join together to have a community watch group walk around the neighbourhood. This is not only important for keeping your kids safe, but also to ensure that vacant homes or those of elderly people are given extra protection. 

3. Keep the lights on
Ensure that everyone in the community has their lights on throughout the night. Even when you go to sleep, keep all of the lights except your bedroom light on. This way hooligans will pass your neighbourhood and hopefully decide to eat candy rather than cause trouble! 

Keeping your yard well-lit is also important. Keep the drive-way lights on and anything that will illuminate your garden and yard. Turn on the backyard lights as well, to be sure no pranksters unload a dozen eggs on your back porch or throw toilet paper in your trees. 

On Halloween you have enough to worry about, making sure you have enough candy and keeping tabs on your children. Save yourself the trouble of having to clean up a gooey egg mess in the morning by taking to heart these simple steps! 


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