Thursday, 10 November 2011

How to Childproof Your Kitchen

Teaching your child to cook can be one of the most rewarding tasks as a parent. Knowing how to cook will enrich your child's life and make them healthier adults. However, kitchens can be dangerous places for young children and it's important that you know how to prevent your child from getting into trouble.
  • Keep any toxic household cleaners like bleach, detergents and pesticides locked away in a high closet. Most people keep these products under the sink, but unless you have a locking mechanism, it's easy for your kids to get into these dangerous products. 
  • Consider purchasing non-toxic products for your house such as non-chlorine bleach and vinegar.  
  • When cooking, use the back burners to prevent anything hot from falling off the stove and onto a child. If you must use a front burner, make sure the handle of the pot or pan is pointed to the back of the stove. An overhanding handle could be pulled down by a child, causing the contents of the pan or pot to spill onto him or her. 
  • When leaving the cooking area, be sure that all knives are put away or out of reach of children. Even if you leave for a minute, there's still the risk your child could harm him or herself. 
  • Keep appliances unplugged and the cords hidden when not in use. This means toasters, toaster ovens, coffee machines and other electric appliances.  
  • When transporting hot liquids, be conscious of where your children are. If you have very small children, be sure you watch near your feet so that you don't trip over them. 
  • Put a lid on your recycling and garbage. Remember that your child is curious and will likely get into anything that's not secured. 
With these tips in mind, and a pinch of common sense, you can rest assured that your child is safe in the kitchen. Remember that children are incredibly curious and you have to anticipate that they will likely get their hands on anything that's not secured! 


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