Friday, 30 December 2011

Staying Safe on New Year's

New Year's is a time for friends, drinks, good food, and hopefully some dancing! Whether you're hosting a New Year's party or attending one, be sure to read these tips on staying safe this New Year's Eve! 

If you're hosting a party...
  • Drunk driving accident rates spike on New Year's Eve -- do your part to limit the number of people hurt on the road by asking guests to put their keys in a jar when arriving. If this seems too drastic, you can also simply keep an eye on guests as they leave to make sure that nobody is leaving intoxicated. 
  • Ensure that your guests don't slip on the walkway to the house by salting or sanding the area. Do the same for your driveway and surrounding sidewalks. If you're anticipating people parking near the house, clear the sidewalks that you think they may be walking on even if they're not directly in front of your house. 
  • Turn on the outdoor lights so that guests have no trouble walking up to your house. If you have guests who have not been to your house before, it will help to have your house lit up so that they can spot your house number. 
  • If you've lit candles in the house, be sure to extinguish them before going to bed. To prevent any serious fire issues, check your smoke alarm batteries before guests arrive. Replace batteries as needed. 

If you're attending a party...
  • When going out, pick a designated driver or agree with your friends to take a cab if everyone drinks. 
  • Drive defensively when you're out on the road -- New Year's Eve is second only to Thanksgiving in drunk driving accidents. Keep a safe distance from other drivers and don't take too long to pass. 
  • If you're leaving your kids with a babysitter, be sure to leave the sitter a number where you can be reached. Keep your cell phone on you, or nearby, so you can hear it if it rings. 
  • If you're going to a pub or club for New Year's, don't go alone -- bring a few friends with you. 
  • When drinking, be sure to keep an eye on your glass and don't leave it unattended. For women in particular there's always the risk of someone slipping GHB into your drink. Usually this risk is averted if you are partying with friends, since they will notice if you begin exhibiting the symptoms of GHB consumption. 
  • Be polite to police officers at checkstops -- they're out (usually in the cold) to keep you safe! 


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