Saturday, 19 May 2012

Keeping your Car Insurance Premiums Low, the Old-Fashioned Way

As most people know, car insurance rates are calculated according to a whole host of factors which tend to vary from person to person depending on their circumstances. Everything from age to gender to the type and condition of the car that a given person wishes to insure requires close scrutiny, all in the interest of doing what insurance companies naturally do best: assess clients, determine risk and structure rates accordingly. As one might expect, however, factors which could be associated with “risk” are rarely limited to those mentioned above; on the contrary, a good deal of an insurance provider’s decision when determining a client’s premiums must invariably draw from the client’s driving record and perceived skill. Thus, drivers with few or no accidents on their records tend to pay lower premiums, while perceived “high-risk” clients see this risk reflected in their payments.

Given these realities of life in an insured world, how might we minimize the perception of risk in our driving records? The answers, though numerous, might be simpler than you think.

1. Distracted driving is risky driving. While many people have no doubt started to tire of hearing about the risks associated with driving while texting, talking on the phone or doing something else which takes focus off of the road, the concern of lawmakers and public safety groups in recent years is well-founded. By taking your attention off the road, even for a moment, you substantially increase your likelihood of having an accident – a misstep which could lead to marked increases in your insurance premiums in years to come. Of course, even this perspective fails to take into account the real potential cost of distracted driving; by taking attention away from the road, you run a serious risk of putting yourself and others in grave danger. When it comes to weighing the pros against the cons, it’s hard to disagree: distracted driving should be avoided at all costs.

2. Make sure that your car is taken for regular tune-ups. Distractions and negligence aren’t the only causes of accidents on the roads; vehicular disrepair and malfunction can also lead to mishaps, but having your car checked over regularly should eliminate this as a cause of concern.

3. Take your time and plan ahead. While we’ve all done it and will likely do it again, there really is no excuse for driving recklessly due to lateness or stress. By planning your schedule and driving routes ahead of time, you should be able to develop a logical and stress-free driving strategy which gets you to your destination on time without compromising safety or any essential aspects of your day-to-day schedule. At the same time, you’ll run a much lower risk of getting into an accident, being pulled over or creating other problems which could later come back to haunt your premiums by painting you as a higher-risk driver than you actually are.  


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