Tuesday, 22 May 2012

Party On! A Host’s Guide to Celebrating Safely during the Summer Months (Part 1 of 2)

As we shift gradually from the crisp chill of spring into the balmier summer months, many of us are sure to ring in the new season by doing what we do best: getting together with our closest acquaintances to eat, drink, relax and, perhaps most importantly of all, have fun. While the favourable conditions of summer may be perfect for enjoying the company of friends and family, however, they should also serve as a reminder of how important it is to be vigilant when attending to the safety of guests or other party attendees. Pleasant though the summer may be, it can also pose significant risks given the tendency of most people to swim in pools, lakes or at beaches, participate in more strenuous physical activities and, of course, consume alcohol. Thus, it goes without saying that safety should be made a priority for anyone seeking a truly enjoyable – not to mention claim-free – summer season. By following these quick and simple tips, you, too, can usher in the summer with safety and style.

1. Swim responsibly. There seem to be few places people would rather be during the summer than at the beach or in the pool, and during the hottest weeks of the season this sentiment becomes a very relatable one indeed. As enjoyable as swimming to escape the summer heat can be, however, it is essential that any parties hosted at homes with swimming pools be monitored closely to make sure that no one engages in risky behaviour around the pool or goes swimming unattended. Guests who have been drinking should also be advised to stay away from the pool, as many summer accidents which take place in or around water have historically been known to involve alcohol in at least some capacity.

2. Remove tripping and slipping hazards from the party area as much as possible. As most experienced parents would agree, accidents and injuries can happen in an instant, and summer get-togethers pose no exception to this rule. In an effort to make your home, deck or yard as hazard-free as possible, try to remove or relocate any extension cords, hoses or knee-high obstacles which might not catch the eye of a distracted houseguest. If pools, sprinklers or drink stations are present at the event as well, try to ensure that no puddles of water or other liquids are left unattended, as someone could easily slip if not paying proper attention.

3. Leave the cooking to the experts. Barbeques, fire pits, stovetops and other potential fire hazards should be noted ahead of time and attended to only by those who know how to use them and will do so responsibly. Children in attendance should be kept a safe distance from any cooking appliances that could prove unsafe, as should any flammable materials that might easily catch fire. In the interest of being “better safe than sorry,” a fire extinguisher should also be kept nearby in the unlikely event that something does catch fire.



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