Thursday, 21 June 2012

How to Save Money as a Young Driver

Like it or not, it remains a fact that teen drivers – by virtue of being statistically more prone to accidents when put behind the wheel of a car – are subject to higher auto insurance rates. This is generally the case regardless of how talented or cautious an individual young driver may be; cold, hard statistics are seen to be the voice of reason in such cases, and, as such, a teen driver’s rates are guaranteed to be proportionately higher.

This does not mean, however, that a young driver’s rates cannot be subject to positive changes given certain essential steps and strategies. A few simple practices – if adhered to carefully – might help to lower car insurance for your young driver, making everyone’s lives easier in the process.

1. Good grades can mean lower premiums. Keeping performance up in school implies an ability to take important things seriously and perform well when necessary – both qualities that could lead to safe driving habits. By keeping your insurance broker updated with report cards that reflect positive performance, you stand a much better chance of minimizing rates while maximizing the likelihood of future success at the same time.

2. Driving courses are always a good idea. Safe driving courses have been shown to lead, logically, to safer driving, and for this reason they’re highly attractive to insurance providers. Taking a course to improve driving skill and safety can lead to reductions in insurance premiums for a young driver, not to mention improved safety on the roads and more peace of mind in the long term.

3. Practice safe driving habits and keep a clean record. A driving record free of accidents and tickets remains a young driver’s best chance to minimize their insurance rates, both in the short term and in years to come. As one might expect, this entails all the good habits that safe and responsible young drivers should follow: abiding by the rules of the road, avoiding drugs and alcohol entirely when driving, staying off phones and other devices when getting behind the wheel and being courteous and considerate to other drivers at all times. Where safe – and inexpensive – driving is concerned, it’s just that simple.  


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