Saturday, 21 December 2013

Auto Insurance Edmonton Premiums Rising In Cost?

Last summer there was an article written on the CTV news website that stated Edmonton auto insurance premiums were to rise in cost this fall.  Now that fall is almost over the question is has anyone seen a rise in their insurance premiums?

The good news is that if your premiums have been rising or you are scared they might go higher in the future you can always use a company like Sharp Insurance to help you reduce what you are paying.  Most people don't realize that auto insurance brokers like Sharp can help you find the best coverage for the best price.

Plus, Sharp offers a very handy app that lets you track your insurance policies right from your phone.  It only makes sense to save money by using Sharp... why would anyone want to pay more for their insurance than they have to?

At Sharp we pride ourselves in great customer service and helping people find the exact insurance product/service that meets their needs.

Click here to fill out a quick online Edmonton car insurance quote.

Tuesday, 26 November 2013

How much Calgary Car Insurance Do You Need? Sharp Insurance

Calgary Car Insurance Broker

A common question that comes up when speaking with an auto insurance agent is, “How much coverage do I really need”? Auto insurance is mandatory in all provinces of Canada, and for good reason. The costs associated with accident damage and injury related fees would be astronomical if not for insurance. Just because it is mandatory does not mean the process of getting insured is simplistic. You may find it confusing not only to find a good insurance company, but also to get the coverage you need at a price you can afford. Thankfully, there are ways to get the insurance you require and save money at the same time. 

           You should first make it a priority to find out how much coverage you currently have and how much coverage you actually need. Hundreds of people don't have enough insurance on their cars based on their reckless driving record, but just as many are paying too much for every possible setback they may never encounter on the road. While you do need liability insurance to cover all the medical payments, physical damage and potential third party injuries, you don't want to have a premium insurance package when you have a budget allotted for a basic one. Calgary car insurance rates should always be within your financial means, and obtaining a
quote online or discussing it through a free consultation is fast and easy. 

          To save you some extra cash, there are multiple areas to potentially cut some fat from your policy. Speaking with a
Sharp Insurance agent will shine light on all the little nooks some extra money could be hiding in. Here are a few of those money savers your agent may bring up:

-If you have a clean driving record, it may be time to look and see if a discount could be available. No tickets, offenses or crashes is a good sign and may highlight some areas savings could be found. 

-Check and see what your deductible is at. Increasing your deductible may help slash your premium. 
-Look into telematics, which is a GPS installed in your vehicle to see how you are driving. If you don’t know about this, there is another reason to book an appointment. 
-Look into bundling your insurance. By having an insurance bundle, Sharp Insurance is able to save you hundreds on what normally would have been three or more forms of expensive insurance in a simple, easy-to-follow process.

Sharp Insurance also provided some of the best Edmonton car insurance rates available.

Sunday, 3 November 2013

Online Car Insurance Quotes Edmonton - 3 Ways to Save Money

Most people who are looking for online car insurance quotes Edmonton are looking to save as much money as possible on their next car insurance policy.  Car insurance is mandatory in most provinces in Canada, but premiums and policies are not the same everywhere you go.  That’s true between provinces and between companies, which is why smart, selective shopping can make such a big difference.  The following are three surefire ways you can save yourself some money when you’re next shopping for insurance.
Multi-Vehicle Discount
If you have more than one vehicle to insure, consider insuring them all with the same insurance provider.  If you have a family, chances are you have more than one vehicle, and you might have more like three or four.  If that’s the case, insurance can be costly.  Luckily most insurance providers provide multi-vehicle discounts, which can ease the burden of ensuring so many vehicles month to month.

Insure Your Car & Home

You might also try insuring your car and home with the same provider.  This should put you in a position to get a multi-line discount and could allow you to save hundreds or even thousands of dollars on both car insurance and home insurance.  See a pattern?  Generally speaking, the more loyal you are to a specific company, the more likely you are to come into some savings.  Sharp Insurance has plenty of deals for those looking to insurance a car, a home, or even your small business.  We’re versatile, and highly responsive to your needs.
Pay Annually
If at all possible, you can sometimes save a lot of money by paying an up-front annual fee for your car insurance instead of going with monthly premiums.  This isn’t always a possibility, but if it is it’s worth considering.  As long as you are precise in your budgeting, you may be able to come up with the annual fee, and most providers will cut you a big break.
Probably the best way to save money on car insurance is to go looking for as many auto insurance quotes Edmonton as you can.  Compare and contrast and always ask questions if you don’t understand something.

If you want to learn more about how Sharp Insurance can help you with affordable car insurance, click here to receive a free quote today.

Saturday, 2 November 2013

Red Deer Auto Insurance Quotes - How To Find Affordable Insurance

If you’re looking for Red Deer auto insurance quotes, you’re probably trying to find the most affordable insurance possible for your situation.  Shopping for car insurance can be difficult no matter who you are.  And it can especially be difficult if you’re considered a high risk driver, or if you have certain number of speeding tickets or traffic violations on your record.  But no matter what your situation is, there are plenty of ways you can save money on car insurance as long as you are careful and particular about the way you shop.

What Is Your Insurance Covering?
Whenever you shop for car insurance, it’s always important to ask what exactly your insurance is covering.  Different policies cover different categories of damage, and it’s important to have a clear idea of what types of damages you are looking to cover before you sign up for a given insurance policy.  There’s bodily injury liability, medical payments, collision coverage.  You never know when any one of these types of coverage is going to be important to you, so make sure you choose you take care with your decision.
The Vehicle You Choose Makes All the Difference

If you are new to shopping for online Red Deer car insurance quotes, it’s important that you understand the difference that your vehicle makes to this process.  A newer vehicle is going to be exponentially easier to insure, which is one of the major reasons why buying a used vehicle does not always save you money.  Even if you’re buying or leasing a very basic model from a local dealership, this could drastically lower your insurance rate.
Your Needs Come First

Insurance premiums can be so prohibitive for some people that they actually consider moving to a different province simply to get a better deal.  This should never be the case for you.  No matter what your situation is, there should be an affordable and achievable insurance policy out there for you.  The key to finding it is outlining your needs, and ensuring that whichever insurance provider you speak with, they are willing to take the time to modify their offer to specifically match your needs and preferences.

If you’re looking for the best Red Deer car insurance rates click here to learn more about what Sharp Insurance has to offer you.

Wednesday, 30 October 2013

Free Calgary Home Insurance Quote - Protecting Your Most Important Asset

Looking for a free Calgary home insurance quote?  In this day and age it’s common to talk about your home as both the place where you and your family live, and an investment.  Although a lot of real estate is exclusively one or the other (just a family home or just an investment property), most of us treat our homes as if they were both.  Our homes occupy a middle ground.  They are at once our biggest asset, and the place where our kids are developing their first memories.  Either way, your home is worth protecting.

Of course the best way to protect your home is with insurance.  Insurance is a way of making sure that in the event of a catastrophe, you’re... insured.  You are protected from loss.  You are covered from any liabilities.  If buying home insurance is equivalent to protecting your most important asset, than chances are you’re going to take the process seriously.  Some people are almost too serious (if that’s possible) when buying home insurance.  It stresses them out, because they don’t know how to make sure they’re getting the best deal available, or are buying insurance that is actually meaningful and relevant to their specific situation.  That is what we are here to help you with.

There is a small myth going around the insurance industry that all providers are essentially providing the same service.  This is not exactly true.  Over and above the huge variability in the actual insurance policies various providers are offering, there is a big difference in customer service and availability from provider to provider.  When you are submitting a claim or are looking to recover your loss in the aftermath of a fire or flood, it makes a big difference which provider you are with.

At the same time, you shouldn’t have to pay to simply be listened to and to receive good customer service.  Unfortunately, many who have had bad experiences in the past equate a higher premium with better service.  The insurance business shouldn’t work this way.  At Sharp Insurance, we do everything we can to keep you up-to-date on policy information, and to ensure you can easily and effectively file a claim when you need to, but we also offer the best rates for Calgary home insurance.
To learn more check out our website or speak with one of our insurance brokers.

Tuesday, 29 October 2013

Frequently Asked Questions And Concerns When Finding The Best Edmonton Car Insurance Rates

When shopping for the best Edmonton car insurance rates there is a lot to consider.  You’ll be asking yourself if buying cheaper insurance means you’ll get the same amount of coverage.  You’ll be wondering exactly how to get the cheapest rates available and whether or not it is a good idea to go with the lowest quote.  Probably you’re thinking that you wouldn’t go with the lowest quote from a group of roofing contractors, but car insurance doesn’t work the same way exactly.

If you buy insurance at a low rate, this rarely affects how the service functions.  How much insurance benefits you receive after an accident is much more contingent on who was at fault.  Another thing that is common to ask about is whether a higher price automatically means better insurance.  This is by no means the case.  Although there is some variability to the product or policy each insurance company is offering, it would be incorrect to assume that paying more money means getting better service in the insurance industry.

Most of the time when you’re shopping for Edmonton car insurance quotes online the best thing you can do is play the field.  Or find a company or service that will play the field on your behalf.  Looking at what’s out there gives you a chance to think critically about which policy meets your specific needs for a price that is right for you.  By putting some time and effort into those process, it’s often possible to save thousands of dollars, so it’s definitely worth it.
Of course, it makes a big difference who you speak with when you’re on the line, receiving a quote from an insurance broker.  Some brokers simply don’t seem to want to speak the same language as their customers, or slow down to clarify what they’re offering.  At Sharp Insurance, we make every effort to communicate exactly what you’ll be buying from us, and we give you immediate access (through the mySharp app) to your policy, making it extremely simple to file a claim and manipulate your policy as time goes on.

We also offer the best car insurance rates in Edmonton, so click here to find out more.

Wednesday, 23 October 2013

Clearing Up The Confusion About Calgary Home Insurance

There are few purchases more perilous (for some) than the purchase of Calgary home insurance.  That’s because most of the time, people come in with very little experience and walk away with the first policy that’s recommended to them instead of taking some time to educate themselves.  This cycle results in uneducated consumers, and that can be a problem.  If you never take the time to learn what you’re buying, you may be susceptible to making the same mistakes over and over again... and with insurance, that can be disastrous someday.

One of the big issues has to do with knowledge.  Not everyone knows what exactly their home insurance policy covers.  For instance, it may be unclear whether or not your plan covers the loss of things like frozen foods.  This may seem like a minor point, but if you’re the type of person who buys wholesale meats it could become a problem.  Or what about your mobile phone?  Does your insurance plan cover the accidental loss of your mobile phone or will you find yourself buying a new one if anything happens?  This may not have meant much a few years ago, but now, when phones can cost up to $1000 it’s not a small consideration.

Fortunately at Sharp Insurance we have Calgary home insurance brokers who are happy to clear up any and all of these confusions for you.  We want to make sure that not only are you confident in the policy that you receive, you’re confident in your understanding of that policy.  The insurance you buy should not be a vague, confusing, amorphous subject when you reference it.  You should know exactly what you’re covered for.

This is important not just AFTER you buy insurance but BEFORE.  So often insurance consumers find out too late what they are and are not insured for.  If you’re interested in a few interesting facts about insurance coverage, this article can be helpful.  The Internet is a great resource but it can only take you so far.  It’s best if you have an insurance broker that you trust and can speak with on a regular basis.

You’ll find that the more you know about your Calgary home insurance policy, the more comfortable you feel about it.

Monday, 21 October 2013

All Free Edmonton Home Insurance Quotes Are Not Created Equally

If you’re online looking for free Edmonton home insurance quotes, you’re going to turn up a lot of results.  There are a lot of companies out there happy to help you with a free quote on your home insurance, and it can be difficult to tell between them.  The process of actually getting a quote is also dissimilar from company to company, although many insurance agencies might appear to be offering roughly the same thing.

The fact is, getting a home insurance quote is not always as easy as certain insurance sites make it look.  Not everyone is going to be as forthright with you, not everyone is going to get to know enough about your situation to offer you a genuinely sound option, and not everyone is even going to call on time, if the quote is arranged by phone.  You’d be surprised how many insurance agencies simply overbook themselves or neglect to check who has requested a free quote and not only miss out on business this way, but develop a terrible reputation with a prospective client.

At Sharp Insurance we try to distinguish ourselves.  More than just being prompt and punctual, we hire insurance agents who can get to the bottom of your home insurance needs efficiently and precisely, highlighting exactly what you may need and giving you a range of options without pressuring you into anything specific.  It can be aggravating to feel constant pressure when what you signed up for in the first place was information.

That’s another way our online Edmonton home insurance quote differs from the rest.  We actually provide information, and not a marketing pitch.  You’ll feel like you are actually having a conversation and not being continually rerouted to a specific insurance policy or plan that is being sold.  It probably sounds old-fashioned or radical, but we actually want to make sure you end up with a policy that fits your situation, and doesn’t exceed the coverage you need or cut corners in important areas.

To learn more about what Sharp Insurance can do for you, visit our website.

Friday, 18 October 2013

Edmonton Car Insurance - Bringing Insurance Into The 21st Century

Insurance is a very old, traditional business and many of today’s Edmonton car insurance companies continue to operate the same way they did decades ago.  But the world has changed, and continues to change, and at Sharp Insurance, we believe your insurance company should change to keep up.  This means ensuring that when you purchase an insurance policy, you’re getting something tangible in return, something that allows you to know you’re protected, and to have a plan should anything go wrong.

One of the more frustrating things about buying insurance is how diffuse the whole transaction can feel.  You go into an insurance company, you take a look at a several different policies and options and you walk out having purchased protection for your home or car, but it can still feel like nothing has happened.  With the Sharp Insurance mySharp app, all of this changes.  Now you can know exactly what your insurance policy looks like, and how to access, change or utilize your policy whenever the occasion demands it.

With the mySharp app, it’s also a lot easier to access your policy when you need it most: during or right after an accident.  This can be such a stressful, confusing time for a lot of people, and trying to get through to an insurance agent or locate some paperwork in your filing system can make it even worse.  With the mySharp app, you can log the details of the accident, find the relevant details about your insurance policy, and deal with the entire situation in a way that is totally effective and even relaxed.

This app is just one of the things that makes Sharp Insurance different.  We’re doing a lot right now to distinguish us from other insurance companies out there and make sure we are providing the best value to our customers.  If you’re interested why not get a free online Edmonton car insurance quote?  We’ll make sure you understand the details behind the policies we offer, and are presented with options that are uniquely tailored to fit your situation.

Tuesday, 15 October 2013

Calgary High Risk Insurance - How Sharp Insurance Can Help You If You’ve Been Labeled a High Risk Driver

Getting insurance can be difficult, but it is particularly frustrating when you are shopping for Calgary high risk insurance.  In many cases, you can be labelled a high risk driver from insurance companies based on relatively minor infractions or traffic violations.  Not all insurance companies have the same policy when it comes to high risk drivers, but it can be difficult to sort through what is out there, and who will offer you a reasonable rate.

At Sharp Insurance, we recognize how unforgiving insurance companies can be on this issue, and we believe everyone should have a second chance.  Most of the time we are able to give an accommodating Calgary high risk car insurance quote, and help you find some respect and legitimacy in the insurance world once again.  Rehabilitating your reputation among insurance companies can be a tricky and daunting task, but this is something we are prepared to help you with at Sharp Insurance.

If it has been a while since you applied for an insurance policy you may be feeling a little skeptical about claims like these.  We’re used to it.  By contacting us at Sharp, we connect you to a competent, qualified insurance agent who will present you with a range of options and policies which we are sure you will find comprehensive and competitive.  This is our goal, and has been since we got in the insurance game.  We see what our competitors do, and we seek to offer a better service.

If you are in a position where you are being considered a high risk driver by insurance companies, it may be a good idea to learn more about what this means and how you can fight it.  In addition to contacting a Sharp Insurance agent, you can read online about how to combat these charges, how to ensure you find an affordable rate despite your high risk status.  And, of course, try not to get anymore tickets!

Wednesday, 9 October 2013

Red Deer Car Insurance Quotes - Why Using Sharp Insurance Is The Best Option


Shopping for Red Deer car insurance can be a difficult process.  It seems insurance companies have proliferated in the past few years and it can be a challenging task to find a company that will give you a fair quote that adequately addresses your individual insurance needs without tacking on a feeling of obligation.

Likely you’re going to start by collecting Red Deer car insurance quotes, but it is important that you choose the right insurance agencies for this process.  You want to make sure that your insurance agent is going to take the time to get to know your situation, and will provide you with advice that suits your individual needs.

That’s where Sharp Insurance comes in.  Our goal as insurance providers is to make sure we outperform our competition in providing the most comprehensive service to our customers.  We take the time it takes to understand where you are coming from, and we make sure that whatever our recommendations, they are never predatory or invasive.  We always want to make sure you get what you’re looking for, and that’s why we spend so much time educating our clientele on their best options, and ensuring they understand how to get the most for their money.

Sharp Insurance is your best option because we really practice what we preach.  In addition to being a heavily customer-focussed insurance provider, we’re also proud to be part of the twenty-first century, and have many ways for you to manage your insurance policy using web 2.0 properties and smart phone apps.  You never have to feel out of touch or disconnected from your insurance policy again.

Our website is full of educational information, but you can also educate yourself by looking at helpful sites like these.  Remember: you are ultimately in control of your own destiny when it comes to purchasing car insurance.

Tuesday, 8 October 2013

Calgary Car Insurance Quotes Available Online With Sharp Insurance

You need to think about car insurance if you want to ensure that you're protected from liabilities that might occur over time. The fact that this form of insurance is so important is why so many television networks insist on airing car insurance commercials every two minutes.

You've got to get a car insurance policy for your vehicle if you're going to have a car that you can legally drive all around the province. You'll need to particularly shop for insurance quotes to see if you can find the best deal.

Today's Calgarycar insurance brokers aren't people who just assume that you can pay one thing for the same service. You can actually get insurance with some substantial discounts depending on what you've done in the past. For instance, you might get a huge deal if you have a clean driving record.

Also, you may be more likely to get a good deal on insurance if you have a car that's safe and even if it meets certain criteria. These include vehicles with certain security features installed as well as vehicles that meet green emissions or fuel consumption standards. The cutthroat Calgary car insurance industry will play in your favour as you'll be treated to a series of substantial discounts and offers based on who you get in touch with.

Your Alberta car insurance options can be varied but we can help you look online to find quotes that can be adjusted based on the car you drive and the needs you have for insurance. You could even get a good deal for minimum coverage - besides, it's not like most people use added coverage or even need it anyway.

Contact us today online or by phone if you need help with finding an insurance policy for your vehicle. Calgary car insurance doesn't have to be anywhere near as burdensome or costly as you might think.

Monday, 7 October 2013

Top 3 Reasons Why Calgary Car Insurance Is Mandatory...

Car insurance costs a lot of money and but is vital. And while some people feel that car payments or car maintenance are expensive enough as it is without the extra added expense of insurance. But let’s see why it is extremely important to get Calgary car insurance whether you get in an accident and you're at fault or not. Continue reading and find below the top three reasons for which you should get car insurance in Alberta, Canada.

1. First of all, you must get Calgary car insurance because in is mandatory.  Therefore you will need a valid insurance policy if you want to avoid getting a fine and having your car impounded.

2. When you buy a car you will be required to present documentation which proves that you carry the $200,000 minimum third party liability limit. People who do not have this minimum level of insurance cannot register their vehicle. Driving with an unregistered vehicle is yet another fine.

3. By getting no-fault insurance you can claim financial compensation even if you were not to blame in the accident. The no-fault insurance policy means that you, the person who is the policy holder and owner of the car, can make a claim and get financial benefits from your insurance company.

Get online Calgary car insurance quotes here!

Getting Calgary car insurance will allow you to drive around Alberta, Canada, at any time without fearing a fine if you get pulled over by the cops for a routine check. Keep in mind that without car insurance you are not permitted to cross the border so if you're planning a vacation, you will definitely need to renew your insurance policy before leaving.

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Thursday, 3 October 2013

Things Your Calgary Home Owners Insurance Usually Wont Cover

As a responsible homeowner, you should be aware of hazards that your Calgary home insurance policy doesn't cover. By checking with your insurance agent, you will be able to fix any holes in your existing coverage that may cause you major problems in the future. Here are a few of the most common types of damage that most insurance policies do not cover.

Swimming Pool Damage (don't need to worry too much about this in Calgary :-)

Generally, homeowners believe that adding a pool will add to the prospective resale value of their home. In all actuality, a pool can be an expensive investment which in many cases can actually lower the resale value of your home. The danger posed by pools, whether it be injury due to slipping or in some cases drowning death, are usually not covered by traditional insurance policies. When installing a pool, make your insurance company aware so they can advise you on additional coverage you made need to purchase.

Animal Attacks

Whether you own a reptile or a dog, if a vicious animal attack happens on your property you are probably not covered under your current Calgary home insurance policy. Considering that animal attacks made up roughly one third of all homeowner insurance claims last year, you may want to seek additional coverage if you own a pet. Many insurance companies will only cover certain breeds of dogs, so make sure that your particular breed of animal is covered. The additional coverage may cost a little more money, but it will be well worth it if you are ever confronted with damages from an animal attack.

Get Calgary home insurance quotes here!

Wear and Tear

Most of the general wear and tear of your home is not covered in traditional home owner insurance policies. Issues such as foundation cracking or roof repair are just a few of the expenses that you will be solely responsible for if you do not extend your coverage. You should consult with your insurance agent to tweak your existing Calgary home insurance policy to customize your coverage to fit your particular needs.

Wednesday, 2 October 2013

Car Insurance Calgary Brokers; Things You Should Think About Before Renewing Your Auto Insurance Policy

Are you one of those people who feel obliged to renew your existing policy with the same car insurance Calgary broker? Here are some reasons why you should think twice before you feel obliged to settle for the same over priced car insurance for years.

1. You can get different rates for the same coverage elsewhere

Auto insurance brokers in Calgary look at many factors such as the type of car you drive, your driving record and many other things when deciding how much you will pay for your insurance. They also have their own formula for determining how these factors will affect their rates and as such, you rates will vary from one company to another every year. You can get the exact insurance package at a lower rate from a different company.

2. Your needs have changed

The kind of insurance you needed when you were 21 years old and single is not the same one that you will need when you are 35 years old, married and with two children. When your life situations change, your car insurance requirements will also change, which is another good reason why you should compare car insurance quotes before renewing the policy you currently have.

3. Shopping for car insurance quotes in Calgary is now easier

Comparing Calgary car insurance quotes the traditional way used to be tedious and consumed a lot of time. The good news is that in this day and age, you do not have to be stuck with the same policy because you can get car insurance quotes any time of the day from the convenience of your home computer or from your smartphone. You can get a wide range of quotes using online auto insurance comparisons.

In a nutshell, you do not have to stay with the same policy if your life situation has changed, if you can get lower rates for the same insurance policy package elsewhere and especially if you can compare quotes from different car insurance Calgary brokers such as Sharp Insurance.

Monday, 30 September 2013

How Car Insurance Calgary Companies Figure Out Your Insurance Premium - A Brief Overview

First and foremost, it is very important to understand what factors car insurance companies in Calgary consider when they price their policies. They use factors such as the type of car you own, where you live, your gender and age. While there isn’t much that you can do about your gender, age or where you live, there are a number of things that may be contributing to the high cost of your car insurance.

1. You own an expensive car
Cheap cars usually attract cheap car insurance in Calgary because the most your insurer will pay out is determined by the value of your car. Therefore the more expensive your car is, the higher the cost of your insurance premium.

2. Your car is more attractive to thieves
Without a doubt, there are some cars that are much more likely to be stolen than others. The insurance Bureau of Canada states that high end cars are the most targeted by criminal organizations. Insurance companies consider such cars a high risk and so they cost more to insure.

3. You have customized your car
Generally, if you have made any aesthetic or performance changes to your car, the cost of your insurance cover automatically increases. Some changes are considered low risk such as alloy wheels and tinted windows. However if you have made engine changes, for example, the likelihood of your car causing an accident is increased.

4. You have an imported or unique car
Car insurance in Calgary will cost more if you have a unique car or if it is imported. If you have a unique car, finding its spare parts may prove to be very difficult. On the other hand, if you have an imported car, the cost of repair could be expensive.

These are just some of the factors that contribute to the high cost you are paying for your car insurance. Fortunately, you can avoid paying too much for car insurance by shopping and comparing quotes online. This way, you can compare quotes from different car insurance Calgary companies and choose the one that suits you best.

Friday, 27 September 2013

Reasons To Switch Home Insurance Calgary Companies

There are many different factors that might make you want to leave your current Calgary home insurance provider. Many companies will offer you a loyalty discount, but sometimes you can just find a better set of circumstances at a competitors company. The following are just a few examples of reasons many people will change their provider of Calgary home insurance.

Increased Premiums

Having to spend more money on the same amount of coverage is a very big reason many homeowners go looking for greener pastures. Before going elsewhere, you should evaluate if there is indeed a reason for the increased premium. The number of filed claims will definitely cause the insurance company to raise your premium. If after your evaluation you find no reason for the increase, then you may want to start looking for a better deal with another provider.


Making a series of major renovations on your home is also a great reason to seek other insurance providers. Getting your amount of dwelling coverage increased after renovations is an excellent idea because you want to get full value for your home in case of an accident. The increased dwelling coverage will guarantee you full rebuild value in case you home accident is deemed a total loss. By staying with your existing provider and not increasing dwelling coverage, you will be in hole on a complete rebuild.


One of the biggest reasons homeowners switch insurance providers is of course money. Having more money in your pocket at the end of the month is something no one is willing to turn down. You should give your existing insurance company an opportunity to match any offer that a competitor offers you. Be sure that the coverage of the new company is equal or better to your existing coverage. By choosing to switch to a new Calgary home insurance provider you will hopefully be happier and save more money.

Thursday, 26 September 2013

Purchase Calgary Car Insurance on Your Terms

When you begin shopping for auto insurance Calgary, you may find yourself overwhelmed and frustrated with all of the options that are available to choose from. Between selecting your coverage and finding an affordable rate, it will likely just leave you confused. Additionally you may find that each insurance company you visit provides a different approach to insurance and the important parts of the policy. This is the primary reason that you should ensure that you are purchasing auto insurance on terms that you set.

While that may sound “too good to be true,” the fact is there are options available that allow you to set your own insurance buying terms. The first step is to find an agent or insurance company that will help you understand all the different aspects of a policy you are considering purchasing, prior to making your final decision. Also, be sure that the company will provide you with quotes that are both reliable and fast, which may be more difficult to find than you would imagine. Don’t be afraid to ask questions regarding rates, coverage and any other aspects that you do not fully understand.

The fact is, that taking time to gain at least a little bit of knowledge about the car insurance you plan to purchase is well worth the effort and time. Understanding the coverage will help put you in control of the situation when it comes time to make your purchase of a policy. Also, do not let any insurance company pressure you into making a purchase for coverage that you truly do not need. Finding a reliable and honest company will help you avoid this situation altogether. Once you begin shopping around, you will see the benefits that having knowledge about auto insurance Calgary has, and be thankful you took the time to become educated.

Wednesday, 25 September 2013

Edmonton Home Insurance: Your Key Element towards Property Protection

 Every Edmonton homeowner will need to fully understand the importance of protecting their investment. One of the best and most effective means for achieving this goal is through the use of a Edmonton home insurance policy. This will help to provide a good way towards the prevention of high costing damages from various outdoor elements.  Sharp Insurance is very aware of this type of issue and offers homeowners the right kind of property coverage for any damages to the home and its contents. 

Purchasing a home can be quite an expensive investment and it will require plenty of care and concern to maintain its value. However, no one can predict the future or a means of disaster from ever occurring. One sure way to prepare for such an issue of this nature is with home insurance coverage. These local insurance companies in Edmonton offer the kind of protection that will benefit the homeowner regardless of what damages happen to their property.

These insurance companies offer several different kinds of home insurance option for coverage and with affordable rates as well. They will provide various quotes that homeowners can choose from in order to find the right type of coverage that will suit the finances of the property owner’s budget.

Get Edmonton home insurance quotes!

The basic reason for purchasing home insurance is to protect your property investment and provide a fine means for maintaining its value that will last well into the future. This is what you can expect when buying this type of coverage from these local insurance companies. 

If you own your home or are planning to purchase one soon and want to find the most reliable way to protect your property that will benefit you financially, then this is easy to achieve through the policies that are available from Edmonton home insurance companies, making them a sure valuable asset that every homeowner can appreciative. 

Tuesday, 24 September 2013

Calgary Car Insurance SW Quotes Can Include Strong Discounts When Using Sharp Insurance

You'd be amazed at the variety of Calgary car insurance SW discounts you could qualify for. Many insurance companies, such as Sharp, are willing to provide you with a large variety of discounts relevant to your driving behaviors or even the ways how you maintain your policy. The competition for your hard-earned dollar has never been stronger and more companies are offering more discounts than ever before.

First, SW Calgary car insurance plans may involve deals for those who are good drivers. People with clean and safe driving records are often more likely to get reduced insurance rates. That's because they are less likely to be threats on the road as they drive around. They are not as likely to break laws or harm others in their cars.

Some additional discounts may be available based on your driving records. You might think that it's unnecessary to get car insurance if you don't drive often. Fortunately, many companies agree and will give you quotes that involve low-mileage discounts where you pay less if you drive less.

If you are keeping your car safe with plenty of security and safety features then you'll definitely be helped out a bit. While some might think you're being overly protective, many Calgary auto insurance SW companies will give you a discount on your insurance. You can get discounts for having passive restraint systems, anti-lock brakes, alarm systems and many other things used to protect your car.

You can even get a discount if you complete a defensive driving course. It might not sound that fun but the savings you'll get from it will be to your benefit.

You must see that you are getting the right discounts on your car insurance. Your Calgary car insurance plans can entail many discounts that are relevant to all the ways how you can protect your car and your driving record.

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Monday, 23 September 2013

Calgary Auto Insurance Brokers - Things You Should Know In Order To Get The Best Rate

If you are looking for Calgary auto insurance there are a few things to bear in mind before you make a decision. Let's be honest, auto insurance is what is known as a distress purchase - something you don't want, but have to have - so it's tempting to look for the cheapest on the market. However, this may not always be the best solution.

A locally based insurance company will often provide the best cover at a fair rate, since it is familiar with the area and can adjust its rates according to conditions prevailing locally. For instance, a national company may base its premiums for a city dweller on national figures, whereas a local company will know that Calgary drivers aged 25 - 50 are a better risk than other cities and reduce their premiums accordingly.

Rather than spend hours searching online, it is a good idea to use the services of an auto insurance broker. A broker will be very familiar with the marketplace and will often know instinctively which of the many insurance companies will be able to provide the best deal for you. Even if he can't pinpoint one straight away, he will know which companies are likely to have the best product for you and will therefore only have to search through a handful of them.

Of course, the type of car you drive will affect the premium also. If you hit something rather hard with a Porsche or Bentley the cost of the repairs is going to be considerably greater than if you were driving a Nissan. Furthermore, car thieves would probably rather steal your Porsche or Bentley than they would a Nissan as well.

Another way to reduce costs is to consider reducing your deductible. This is the amount that you have to pay before the insurer will step in and cover the balance of any claim. If you opt for, say $500 instead of $150 you should find that this will make quite a difference to the premium. However, you need to be comfortable with the fact that you will be paying the $500 in the event of an accident.

Consider asking the broker if the insurance company will offer a discount. Calgary auto insurance premiums may well be reduced if you also cover your other insurance needs, such as home insurance, with the same insurer. In addition, premiums may be reduced if you have a clean driving record and you install an anti-theft device if the vehicle does not have one. The worst that can happen is that the company says no, so it is always worth asking.

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Friday, 20 September 2013

Auto Insurance Brokers Calgary - Some Advice On Loss Prevention

One of the big things that auto insurance brokers Calgary help their clients with is loss prevention.  Loss prevention covers a lot of things, from theft prevention to dealing with accidents as they arise.  Certain elements of loss prevention you can handle on your own, and others may require the help of a professional.

Probably the easiest way to protect yourself against loss when it comes to your driving habits is to be a rule-follower.  This may sound cliché or even obvious, but yet so many people fail to follow basic laws and rules of common sense in handling their vehicles, and this results in a lot of accidents and a lot of increased Calgary auto insurance premiums.

For instance, texting and driving.  Distracted driving laws have been in place for a few years now, but this remains almost standard practice, particularly for younger drivers. If you get a ticket for distracted driving, this can have implications for the types of Calgary car insurance quotes you will be looking at.  Many don’t seem to realize how dangerous this can be, and what the statistics say about the number of accidents caused by this practice alone.  Sometimes loss prevention is simply about understanding that there are real risks and real life and death stakes to driving, and acting accordingly.  If you’ve always texted while driving it might feel like this sort of thing can’t happen to you, but it can.

If you’ve been involved in an accident, it’s important to not admit liability and to call the police right away.  This is another huge part of loss prevention that a lot of people don’t follow.  By admitting your liability or trying to settle things privately, you may find yourself in a lot more trouble than the accident, by itself, would have caused you.

Of course, these are all just rules of thumb.  On a case by case basis it’s important that you get in touch with an auto insurance broker Calgary that you can trust.  At Sharp Insurance, our brokers are dedicated to providing you with excellent advice, and ensuring you always know what to do no matter what type of situation you are confronted with.
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Best Auto Insurance Companies Calgary - More On Sharp Insurance’s Response-Ability Program

It’s often difficult to establish exactly who the best auto insurance companies Calgary are, but a good place to start is to find the ones who are going above and beyond the call of duty to help out their local communities.  

Sharp Insurance is a good example of this.  At Sharp, we offer what we call the Response-Ability Program.  The basic idea is simple.  With this program, you can help us donate to charities by receiving a free auto insurance Calgary quote.  Just by requesting a quote from us, we’ll automatically donate $7 to a charity of your choice.  If you decide to sign up based on what you see in the quote, we’ll donate $50 to charity right there.  

We like raising money for charities, we are proud to have a business model where it is easy for us to give back to our local communities, and where it is easy for our clientele to contribute... even if they aren’t our clientele yet.  This is also an chance for you to give back simply by shopping for car insurance in Calgary.  You don’t even have to buy anything to be making a small difference.

The response-ability program is not the only way we help out in the community, however.  We also donate resources and time wherever and whenever we can.  We sponsor local events, such as golf or bowling tournaments, and we adopt projects such as the 24 Days of Giving initiative for United Way, which raises thousands of dollars each Christmas season.

At Sharp Insurance, these initiatives express our pride in being able to offer a service in this beautiful city, province and country.  We believe every local business should incorporate these types of offerings.  The response-ability program also reflects our commitment to doing right by our clients.  If we are this committed to the community, you can rest assured that we are doing everything we can for you.
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