Tuesday, 26 March 2013

Discounts to ask your insurance provider for

Now that you have been brought up to speed in terms of the variables affecting the way car insurance premiums are calculated, it's time to use that knowledge to your advantage! Use this list as a reference to check what insurance discounts you can speak to your insurance provider about. You may be eligible for discounts for:

Having a credit score of 700 or above: while your insurance company likely won't give you a detailed breakdown of the rates attached to various credit scores, you can know with certainty that a high credit score should equal a reduction in rates for you. If you have a credit score of 700 or above, be sure that your insurance provider gives you evidence of the discount you are receiving for this.

Your social life: some insurance companies will give you a discount for belonging to certain organizations—especially fraternities and sororities, and other clubs. This is not necessarily because of any statistical findings of a correlation between safe driving and membership in these communities, but there are often relationships forged between such organizations and specific insurance providers. If you belong to such an organization, it's worth asking about whether there is an insurance provider that gives members competitive rates.

Doing your job: as we discussed previously, statistics have found that people in certain occupations may be more or less likely to be involved in collisions (and that the likelihood increases where the job necessitates that you spend more time on the road). How do you use this to your advantage? If you are in an occupation that involves minimal driving, and that ranks low in the likelihood of involvement in collisions, point this out to your provider. Additionally, shop around: some insurance companies actually have preferred professions they give discounts to, and they're not all the same from one provider to the next. Find the one that will specifically give people in your occupation a discount.

Going digital: paperless statements are no longer what you'd call cutting edge, but they're still exciting—at least when it comes to insurance: as an incentive to go paperless, many insurance providers offer a discount to customers who opt for this method. Additionally, insurance providers see people who take environmental concerns to heart as generally more responsible (and thus, better drivers).