Monday, 3 June 2013

Getting married? Get insured!

Summer is approaching, which means peak season for weddings is just around the corner. If you'll be taking on nuptial vows this year, congratulations! It's an exciting time for your loved ones to gather and witness this momentous step, and an even more exciting time for you as you embark upon a new chapter of your life. As with any large—and joyous—undertaking, the last thing you want is to fall prey to amidst the writing of vows, the selection of garb, and the planning of superb festivities, be sure to budget some time to consider the various mishaps that can be mitigated with good insurance coverage. You should consider:

Wedding liability insurance – This protects you from paying for damages to ceremony and reception sites. It also covers you from alcohol related instances (if, for example, a guest causes/incurs injury or damage as a result of intoxication) and protects you against being held liable for injuries or illness (especially food related) that may occur.

Event cancellation insurance – In the event that your wedding is canceled or postponed by the venue that you have booked, or by a key vendor failing you at the last minute, this type of coverage will protect the financial investment you have put into those things, saving you from financial loss. It also protects you against the financial loss associated with cancellation or postponement due to inclement weather.

Photographer's insurance – This is not something you should be paying for directly, but when you hire a photographer or videographer, it is worth verifying that they are insured so that if for any reason their equipment fails, or if they themselves fail to show, you have not lost any chance of saving memories of your big day. A photographer who is properly insured will be able to send you an equally skilled professional in their place should they—owing to extreme emergency—be prevented from making it to your wedding. They should also be able to arrange for a subsequent photo shoot of the bride and groom, all at no cost to you.

Traveler's insurance – Let's not forget the best part—the honeymoon! Talk to your insurance provider before booking your plans to discuss the various options you have for ensuring that flight cancellations, delays, travel agency bankruptcy, and personal illness don't ruin this voyage for you.

Home owner's insurance – If part of getting married involves the purchase of a new home together, be sure to make time to choose a good home owner's insurance policy together.

Auto insurance – Will you be driving each other's vehicles? If so, you will need to update your auto insurance policies to reflect this; it would be most beneficial to you to combine your policies into one, with one insurer.


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