Friday, 27 September 2013

Reasons To Switch Home Insurance Calgary Companies

There are many different factors that might make you want to leave your current Calgary home insurance provider. Many companies will offer you a loyalty discount, but sometimes you can just find a better set of circumstances at a competitors company. The following are just a few examples of reasons many people will change their provider of Calgary home insurance.

Increased Premiums

Having to spend more money on the same amount of coverage is a very big reason many homeowners go looking for greener pastures. Before going elsewhere, you should evaluate if there is indeed a reason for the increased premium. The number of filed claims will definitely cause the insurance company to raise your premium. If after your evaluation you find no reason for the increase, then you may want to start looking for a better deal with another provider.


Making a series of major renovations on your home is also a great reason to seek other insurance providers. Getting your amount of dwelling coverage increased after renovations is an excellent idea because you want to get full value for your home in case of an accident. The increased dwelling coverage will guarantee you full rebuild value in case you home accident is deemed a total loss. By staying with your existing provider and not increasing dwelling coverage, you will be in hole on a complete rebuild.


One of the biggest reasons homeowners switch insurance providers is of course money. Having more money in your pocket at the end of the month is something no one is willing to turn down. You should give your existing insurance company an opportunity to match any offer that a competitor offers you. Be sure that the coverage of the new company is equal or better to your existing coverage. By choosing to switch to a new Calgary home insurance provider you will hopefully be happier and save more money.


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