Monday, 21 October 2013

All Free Edmonton Home Insurance Quotes Are Not Created Equally

If you’re online looking for free Edmonton home insurance quotes, you’re going to turn up a lot of results.  There are a lot of companies out there happy to help you with a free quote on your home insurance, and it can be difficult to tell between them.  The process of actually getting a quote is also dissimilar from company to company, although many insurance agencies might appear to be offering roughly the same thing.

The fact is, getting a home insurance quote is not always as easy as certain insurance sites make it look.  Not everyone is going to be as forthright with you, not everyone is going to get to know enough about your situation to offer you a genuinely sound option, and not everyone is even going to call on time, if the quote is arranged by phone.  You’d be surprised how many insurance agencies simply overbook themselves or neglect to check who has requested a free quote and not only miss out on business this way, but develop a terrible reputation with a prospective client.

At Sharp Insurance we try to distinguish ourselves.  More than just being prompt and punctual, we hire insurance agents who can get to the bottom of your home insurance needs efficiently and precisely, highlighting exactly what you may need and giving you a range of options without pressuring you into anything specific.  It can be aggravating to feel constant pressure when what you signed up for in the first place was information.

That’s another way our online Edmonton home insurance quote differs from the rest.  We actually provide information, and not a marketing pitch.  You’ll feel like you are actually having a conversation and not being continually rerouted to a specific insurance policy or plan that is being sold.  It probably sounds old-fashioned or radical, but we actually want to make sure you end up with a policy that fits your situation, and doesn’t exceed the coverage you need or cut corners in important areas.

To learn more about what Sharp Insurance can do for you, visit our website.


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