Wednesday, 23 October 2013

Clearing Up The Confusion About Calgary Home Insurance

There are few purchases more perilous (for some) than the purchase of Calgary home insurance.  That’s because most of the time, people come in with very little experience and walk away with the first policy that’s recommended to them instead of taking some time to educate themselves.  This cycle results in uneducated consumers, and that can be a problem.  If you never take the time to learn what you’re buying, you may be susceptible to making the same mistakes over and over again... and with insurance, that can be disastrous someday.

One of the big issues has to do with knowledge.  Not everyone knows what exactly their home insurance policy covers.  For instance, it may be unclear whether or not your plan covers the loss of things like frozen foods.  This may seem like a minor point, but if you’re the type of person who buys wholesale meats it could become a problem.  Or what about your mobile phone?  Does your insurance plan cover the accidental loss of your mobile phone or will you find yourself buying a new one if anything happens?  This may not have meant much a few years ago, but now, when phones can cost up to $1000 it’s not a small consideration.

Fortunately at Sharp Insurance we have Calgary home insurance brokers who are happy to clear up any and all of these confusions for you.  We want to make sure that not only are you confident in the policy that you receive, you’re confident in your understanding of that policy.  The insurance you buy should not be a vague, confusing, amorphous subject when you reference it.  You should know exactly what you’re covered for.

This is important not just AFTER you buy insurance but BEFORE.  So often insurance consumers find out too late what they are and are not insured for.  If you’re interested in a few interesting facts about insurance coverage, this article can be helpful.  The Internet is a great resource but it can only take you so far.  It’s best if you have an insurance broker that you trust and can speak with on a regular basis.

You’ll find that the more you know about your Calgary home insurance policy, the more comfortable you feel about it.

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