Friday, 18 October 2013

Edmonton Car Insurance - Bringing Insurance Into The 21st Century

Insurance is a very old, traditional business and many of today’s Edmonton car insurance companies continue to operate the same way they did decades ago.  But the world has changed, and continues to change, and at Sharp Insurance, we believe your insurance company should change to keep up.  This means ensuring that when you purchase an insurance policy, you’re getting something tangible in return, something that allows you to know you’re protected, and to have a plan should anything go wrong.

One of the more frustrating things about buying insurance is how diffuse the whole transaction can feel.  You go into an insurance company, you take a look at a several different policies and options and you walk out having purchased protection for your home or car, but it can still feel like nothing has happened.  With the Sharp Insurance mySharp app, all of this changes.  Now you can know exactly what your insurance policy looks like, and how to access, change or utilize your policy whenever the occasion demands it.

With the mySharp app, it’s also a lot easier to access your policy when you need it most: during or right after an accident.  This can be such a stressful, confusing time for a lot of people, and trying to get through to an insurance agent or locate some paperwork in your filing system can make it even worse.  With the mySharp app, you can log the details of the accident, find the relevant details about your insurance policy, and deal with the entire situation in a way that is totally effective and even relaxed.

This app is just one of the things that makes Sharp Insurance different.  We’re doing a lot right now to distinguish us from other insurance companies out there and make sure we are providing the best value to our customers.  If you’re interested why not get a free online Edmonton car insurance quote?  We’ll make sure you understand the details behind the policies we offer, and are presented with options that are uniquely tailored to fit your situation.


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