Monday, 7 October 2013

Top 3 Reasons Why Calgary Car Insurance Is Mandatory...

Car insurance costs a lot of money and but is vital. And while some people feel that car payments or car maintenance are expensive enough as it is without the extra added expense of insurance. But let’s see why it is extremely important to get Calgary car insurance whether you get in an accident and you're at fault or not. Continue reading and find below the top three reasons for which you should get car insurance in Alberta, Canada.

1. First of all, you must get Calgary car insurance because in is mandatory.  Therefore you will need a valid insurance policy if you want to avoid getting a fine and having your car impounded.

2. When you buy a car you will be required to present documentation which proves that you carry the $200,000 minimum third party liability limit. People who do not have this minimum level of insurance cannot register their vehicle. Driving with an unregistered vehicle is yet another fine.

3. By getting no-fault insurance you can claim financial compensation even if you were not to blame in the accident. The no-fault insurance policy means that you, the person who is the policy holder and owner of the car, can make a claim and get financial benefits from your insurance company.

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Getting Calgary car insurance will allow you to drive around Alberta, Canada, at any time without fearing a fine if you get pulled over by the cops for a routine check. Keep in mind that without car insurance you are not permitted to cross the border so if you're planning a vacation, you will definitely need to renew your insurance policy before leaving.

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