Tuesday, 28 January 2014

Grande Prairie Car Insurance—How to Prevent Vehicle Theft

Automobile theft is—unfortunately—quite recurrent in our society. For many people, peace of mind comes in the form of Grande Prairie car insurance. However, it is no uncommon for these people to forget just how important it is to both insure and protect an automobile. According to a Global News article, a car is stolen every three and a half minutes in Canada. Could yours be next?

For your vehicle security, the team over at Sharp Insurance has compiled a list of tips to prevent automobile theft. While some of these tips may sound obvious, remember that this does not in any way diminish their importancein fact; some could argue it emphasizes it even more. 

Read on to know how you can protect your vehicle from theft:

Keep your key in check. We cannot stress this enough: do not, under any circumstance hide your key near your car. Also do not develop the bad habit of forgetting your key somewhere—try to keep it on your person at all times when you are not at home. As for your spare keys, find a secure (and hidden) location where you can store them.

Don’t leave your valuable in plain sight. Think of it this way: the fewer valuables there are in the car, the less tempted a thief will be to break into it. Try to hide your valuable under your seats or lock them up in your trunk.

Don’t leave your car running and unattended.  We are all Canadians here. No matter how cold it is outside, never leave your car running and unattended—even if the parking lot is completely empty and the 7/11 is just a few paces away. Losing your car over a bit of extra warmth is simply not worth it.

Avoid dark “shady” areas. In other words, know where you are going and try to park in well-lit areas. This often discourages thieves from preying on your car.

Buy an alarm system. Not every car comes with a professional alarm system. If that is the case with yours, investing in one might be a good idea.

Lock your doors. Yes, even in your own driveway.

Worried about the security of your vehicle? Get a free Grande Prairie car insurance quote today! 


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