Thursday, 27 February 2014

Fort McMurray Home Insurance—Why You Need a Property Inventory

Do you own your home? If you are here then we assume that you do. But here's the thing... is your home insured? If you do not currently have a Fort McMurray home insurance policy, we highly encourage you to visit Sharp Insurance and fill out a free quote today.

We have covered this topic a few times already. (You can find one of our earliest posts by clicking here.) If you own your home, an insurance policy is absolutely mandatory. Today, we would like to touch upon a component of home insurance policies that is often, unfortunately, overlooked by many people—a possession inventory.

The latter is, as the name entails, an inventory of your most precious possessions. In order to receive adequate coverage for your possessions should anything happen to them—be it as the result of a fire or a theft—you need to be able to prove how much they are worth, and that you are indeed the owner of those items.

A property inventory cannot be overlooked if you do not want to run into more trouble later down the road. In order to prove how much your items are worth, make sure to include receipts, instruction manuals and anything else that could potentially help you with your claim.

Some people also like to take photos of the items. This does not leave insurance companies much room to doubt the validity of your claim. Always be sure to store multiple copies of your property inventory outside of your house. If you have any questions regarding property inventories, please feel free to contact Sharp Insurance today.