Friday, 7 February 2014

Red Deer High Risk Insurance—What is a High Risk Driver?

Accidents happen—whether you want it or not. Unfortunately, when it comes to insurances, accidents—no matter what kind—often end up following you for years to come. It does not matter if you suffered from bad luck a few times or if you only caused two or three small collisions last year. Once you've been labeled as a high risk driver, you will be denied coverage.

Sharp Insurance is different. We believe that people deserve a second chance—and we do everything in our power to grant one. If you are looking for a Red Deer high risk insurance policy, you have found the right company.

So what exactly constitutes a high risk driver? Insurance companies usually rate a driver's potential risk based on his or her driving record. Drivers labeled as high risk drivers are those which companies believe to be more prone to accidents. Tickets, collisions and violations of the law all appear on a person's driving record to later be examined by insurance companies.

It is logical, therefore, that high risk drivers would pay higher premiums. Fortunately, becoming a safe driver again—in the eyes of insurance companies—does not take as long as one would think. According to Traffic Ticket Solutions, insurance companies are only allowed to see the last three years of a person's driving record. As for demerit points, it takes two years for them to disappear.

Remember that driving is complex and could potentially endanger many lives. Be wise when it comes to driving, and before you know it your record will show no sign of you ever being a high risk driver. Until then, it might be a good idea for you to check out Sharp Insurance and fill out a free insurance quote today.


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