Wednesday, 19 March 2014

Are You Paying Too Much on Your Motorcycle Insurance Premiums?

Are you looking for affordable and reliable motorcycle insurance coverage? Visit Sharp INSURANCE to see what we can do for you.

Did you know motorcycle insurance rates are directly affected by numerous factors (some of which are completely within your control)? If you find yourself paying a hefty amount of money each month, here is what you need to know (and what you can do to lower those rates):

Do you have a clean record? If your answer is no, then this might explain your high premiums. Like car insurance companies, motorcycle insurance companies charge a person more if they see them as a bigger liability risk. You should also know that motorcycle drivers tend to pay higher premiums since motorcycles are generally considered to be more dangerous than cars.

Take a course. If you are a new rider, this might be a good idea. Now only will it help you gain more experience: It will help lower your rates as well.

Is your deductible too low? Your deductible is the amount of money that you need to pay when you want to make a claim. Since it is a one-time payment, you are guaranteed to save money each month if you make it higher... assuming that you are careful enough, that is.

Do you have collision coverage? While we only recommend this if there is absolutely no alternative to it, dropping your collision coverage (if you have any) can dramatically lower your insurance premiums. Be warned, however, that you will not be covered at all in the event of a collision if you do this.

Find the best insurance policy. Lastly, the insurance policy itself may affect your rates. Is your company reliable? We recommend that you request a free quote from SHARP INSURANCE today. Click here for more information:


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