Sunday, 20 April 2014

How to Avoid Home Break Ins

As a home owner, preventing break ins should figure high on your list of priorities. After all, a break in is something that nobody wants to deal with, especially when the situation could have easily been avoided in the first place. If you has not done so already, we recommend that you apply for reliable and affordable Lethbridge home insurance coverage. For more information, visit Sharp Insurance.

Without further ado, here are 5 ways to prevent home break ins:

1. Get an alarm system. This might sound obvious to some, but it is important to never neglect this step. Having an alarm system installed is an excellent way to secure your home. What's more, it provides you with peace of mind. For many people, this is completely priceless.

2. Get a dog. If your circumstances allow it, buying or adopting a furry friend might do the trick. Coupled with an alarm system, a dog should make it easier than ever for to you to sleep at night.

3. Make your house seem occupied. This is especially important when you go out. Leaving lights on can be a good way to discourage thieves. Likewise, arranging for your lawn to be mowed when going away for an extended period of time is always a good idea.

4. Don't make your home an easy target. Think like a thief. What kind of home would a thief target? Don't store anything at night and always use curtains on garage and basement windows.

5. Finally, invest in good locks. While no locks can deter skilled thieves, good locks can at least make their lives more difficult. Also remember to change your locks immediately after losing your keys.

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