Monday, 28 April 2014

Is Tailgating a High Risk Driving Habit?

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High risk driving is not something that most people want to associate with. Unfortunately, it is something that many of them do without even noticing. If you have not been labelled as a high risk driver, this does not mean that you will not. To ensure your safety and that of other drivers on the road, we recommend that you spend some time researching dangerous driving that you might have... including tailgating.

According to the ICBC, tailgating is one of the top 5 high risk driving behaviours. This habit is, however, a habit that most people tend to get away with most of the time. Keep in mind that this doesn't make tailgating any safer. In good weather and road conditions, drivers need a following distance of at least 2 seconds. Anything less than that in those conditions is considered tailgating. 

There are many reasons why people tailgate. Impatience tends to play a big role in tailgating. So does ignorance. In some cases, however, drivers almost ask to be tailgated. While this does not excuse the tailgater, it is always a good idea to follow speed limits properly to avoid angering other drivers and possibly causing a road accident.

Because yes, tailgating does cause accidents. While tailgating certainly does not cause as many accidents as speeding, as we said before this does not make tailgating any less dangerous. Most crashes can be prevented with a bit of knowledge and common sense, and this includes accidents caused by tailgating.

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