Monday, 12 May 2014

Do You Fit the Requirements for a Driver's License in Alberta?

Driving is something that most of us have in common. If you are thinking of getting your driver's license in Calgary, you will first have to see if you meet the minimum requirements for one. Before hitting the road, we also encourage you to spend some time researching insurance policies for new drivers. If you are interested, visit Sharp INSURANCE and see for yourself whether we are a good fit for you or not.

With that being said, how exactly do you go about getting your driver's license in Alberta? According to Service Alberta, you must be a legal resident of Alberta and Canada. The following chart has been taken from Service Alberta's website and shows the 7 license classes in the province:

  • Class 1 (Professional - Any vehicle)
  • Class 2 (Professional - Bus)
  • Class 3 (3-axle plus)
  • Class 4 (Professional - Taxi, Ambulance)
  • Class 5 (2-axle - Cars, Light Trucks, Motor Homes or Mopeds)
  • Class 6 (Motorcycle & Moped)
  • Class 7 (Learners - 2-axel & Motorcycle & Moped)

If you are thinking about getting a driver's license that allows you to drive a regular car, you will have to look into class 7, or learner's license, in more details. People 14 years old and older (with the consent of their parents if they are still minors) can apply for a learner's license. Before applying for one, students have to undergo a written test and a vision screening.

In Alberta, people must have a class 7 license for at least a full year before they are allowed to take a road test. We recommend that students enroll in an Alberta driving school to get enough practice and knowledge. After passing the road test, people can now receive their class 5 provisional license. This license allows them to drive on their own (with some restrictions). After two years, they become eligible to apply for a full class 5 license... assuming that they were able to drive with a 0% blood alcohol content and remain suspension free during those years.


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