Monday, 9 June 2014

Dangerous Driving Habits That Hurt Your Insurance Premiums

Driving takes a while to master. After all, there is a reason why an age limit exists in Canada. Not only does it require concentration... it also requires a certain level of maturity. If you are a Canadian driver, being labelled as a high risk driver probably does not figure very high on your list of priorities. We don't blame you: finding adequate and cost-effective insurance coverage when you are a high risk driver is a challenge in itself... and when you are able to find one, you often end up having to pay higher premiums than "regular" people.

So how do you exactly go about being labelled as a high risk driver, and what driving habits hurt your insurance premiums the most? If you have been following us for a while, you probably know that we briefly talked about the topic of high risk driving before. (You can click here if you wish to know more on the topic of tailgating.) Dangerous driving is something that we take very seriously and we hope that you do as well. After all, the safety of many people is at risk when you are out driving.

Aside from tailgating, what harms your insurance premiums the most? Generally speaking, the accumulation of traffic violations does the trick quite well. Such traffic violations can include DUI or simply speeding tickets. In fact, rolling stops and running red lights are some of the most common traffic violations. Remember that the more traffic violations you accumulate, the more likely to be labelled as a high risk driver you will be.

A few other driving habits can also hurt your insurance premiums. Driving while distracted, for one, can prove to be very dangerous and damaging. We encourage you to spend a few moments learning more about the distracted driving laws in Canada. Remember that driving is not a game, and should never be treated as such. 

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