Tuesday, 1 July 2014

How to Make a Claim on Home Insurance

Owning a house comes with several challenges. In between ensuring that everything runs as it should, learning how to avoid certain situations is very important as well. Unfortunately, sometimes it's impossible to completely prevent a situation from arising. Whether a lightning bolt decides to strike your home or the latter becomes a victim of vandalism, there are things that simply can't be helped.

The good news is that with a Lethbridge home insurance policy, you can rest assured that the damage caused by an insured peril can and will be covered by your insurance company. In other words, once you have paid your deductible, your insurance company will be in charge of completely covering the costs associated with the peril.

So without further ado, here is how to make a claim on home insurance:

1. Ensure that the peril is covered under the policy that you purchased. You can do that by reading your policy carefully. 

2.  Document, document and document more. To avoid complications, make sure that you have enough proof to back you up. Use pictures as well as your existing inventory list if the latter applies. 

3. Contact your insurance company. Whether you decide to call them or file out a claim form on their website, make sure that the step above still applies. The more detailed and complete your claim is, the faster to be resolved it will be.

4. Wait, but make sure to check back on your claim. Expect some time to pass before you receive any answer. If the peril has made your house unfit to live in, try to speak to your representative as soon as possible and remember to save any receipts and invoices

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