Wednesday, 2 July 2014

Most Common Traffic Tickets in Canada

If you have been labelled as a high-risk driver by your insurance company, then it is quite likely that you have committed a few serious road violations in the past. While lowering your premiums as a high-risk driver can take up to two years (you might want to refer to this earlier article), educating yourself on road violations and how you can prevent them is of the utmost importance. For that to happen, you first have to know what the most common traffic tickets in Canada are.

So without further ado, here are the first four:

1. Speeding. This comes as no surprise: Drivers worldwide speed on a daily basis. While speeding is rarely seen as a major offence, it can develop into a more dangerous habit that has the potential to seriously harm people. Speeding is usually met with a fine. For your safety and for the safety of other drivers, you can learn how to avoid (and stop) speeding here.

2. Skipping stop signs. Yes, skipping the stop sign when the intersection is empty might sound enticing (especially when you are late), but the truth is that skipping stop signs can prove to be extremely disastrous... especially when it involves pedestrians. Play by the rule and don't skip stop signs.

3. Not wearing a seatbelt. People have been told for years to always wear their seatbelts while driving, but for some reason some of them still ignore this. While this violation does not always affect insurance premiums, it always leads to fines.

4. Running red lights. Lastly, this traffic violation is one that you really don't want to meddle with. Not only can it be dangerous to both other drivers and pedestrians -- the recent installation of red light cameras have also made this offence one of the most ticketed offences in the country.

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