Friday, 19 September 2014

Keeping Your Motorcycle Safe in Grande Prairie

Do you own a motorcycle? If you do, then keeping it safe and away from preying hands should be your main concern. Motorcycles are expensive and as such are the prime targets of both thieves and vandals in Alberta and Canada.

While being covered under a Grande Prairie motorcycle insurance policy is very important, prevention is almost as important. Here are 3 tips that might help keep your motorcycle safe in Grande Prairie:

1. Don't make it obvious. Thieves steal what they see. If they can't see your motorcycle, they won't steal it. Simple as that. At night, always remember to hide it somewhere secure. If you don't have a garage, a shed might work. When you're in town, always  be sure to park your motorcycle in a guarded parking lot or in the angle of a surveillance camera. Or if you prefer, you might also want to keep an eye on it by parking it in plain sight! (Ideal for when you're shopping, for one.)

2. Make it harder for thieves to steal it. Go as wild as you want on this. Add locks and security systems, chain it to a lamp post, add more locks -- whatever you think will keep your motorcycle safe. The key here is to buy time and to discourage thieves away from your motorcycle. 

3. Install an alarm. And make it ring loud! (Or if an alarm is too expensive, stickers might work too.) While sometimes theft is inevitable, remember that thieves target the vulnerable ones for the most part. If you constantly keep the safety of your motorcycle in your mind, then the chances of it being stolen will be greatly reduced.


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