Saturday, 13 December 2014

Does Your Lethbridge Business Need Vehicle Coverage?

When you are a business owner, you really can't afford not to be properly covered under the right insurance policies. A simple mistake could often prove to be fatal to your Lethbridge business -- and trust us, that's not something you want happening.

Regardless of whether you own a commercial car or a whole fleet of them, insuring your commercial vehicles under a Lethbridge commercial auto insurance policy should be one of your main priorities. Unfortunately, this type of policy often tends to be neglected by business owners -- something which, if you ask us, makes absolutely no sense. Would you insure your regular car? Probably. (Or well, hopefully.) So why wouldn't you insure your commercial car, especially when the latter is so tightly-linked to your business?

To make the idea of being covered under this policy even more enticing (well it depends on which way you look at it), there is the whole issue of liability coming into the picture. What happens if one of your employees gets into a road accident while driving one of your cars? Most likely your company will be held liable. Do you see why not being covered under this policy is simply too much trouble now?

The good news is that plenty of insurance companies out there offer free insurance quotes to help you get an idea of what to expect from such a policy. We encourage you to request one or two or even three if you feel like it -- as long as you promise us to insure your car(s) as quickly as possible!