Saturday, 6 December 2014

High-Risk Driving Habits That Can Make You a High-Risk Driver

Being labelled as a high-risk driver is not something that any of us wants to experience. Yet it happens to people like you all the time. What prevents you from being among them?

Quite simply, good driving habits.

High-risk drivers are drivers that, according to insurance companies and their driving records, are more prone to getting into accidents than other, "regular" drivers. Of course, an infraction or two won't automatically make you a high-risk driver. It's when those infractions begin to add up that insurance companies begin to label you as such.

Speeding is one of the most common high-risk driving habits that can land you in hot waters. Nothing is important enough for you to warrant speeding. Not only can it prove to be dangerous to you -- it can also be dangerous to others. So if you often find yourself speeding, it is advisable to break this habit not before you get caught but before something serious happens.

Tailgating is another high-risk driving habit that you should break as soon as possible. Though it might sound harmless it is far from being so. This habit can often leads to accidents. It doesn't matter if the driver in front of you is going slower than necessary -- tailgating him or her is one of the best ways to become a high-risk driver in the eyes of insurance companies.

Of course, plenty of other high-risk driving habits exist. Think: failure to yield, improper passing and ignoring traffic controls among others. If you are a seasoned driver who often finds himself or herself guilty of speeding or failing to yield, we recommend that you brush up your driving skills before it is too late.