Saturday, 27 December 2014

How Long Are You Regarded As a High Risk Driver in Edmonton?

So you have been labelled as a high risk driver in Edmonton. While this might be a label that nobody wants to associate with, the truth is that your situation is not as bad as you probably think it is.

Think about it: You have been labelled as a high risk driver for a reason. Most likely you have have been dealt a few traffic violation tickets in the recent months. You might even have been in an accident or two. Being labelled as a high risk driver might be troublesome, but it offers, in a way, a new start to people like you.

It is the best way to open your eyes to your dangerous driving habits. Do you run red lights? Do you tailgate people? Do you sometimes drive faster than the speed limit when you are late to work? All of these are habits that can not only prove to be dangerous to you -- they can also prove to be fatal to you and other drivers.

The good news is that you won't be labelled as a high risk driver forever. If you manage to hold a clean driving record for two years then insurance companies will not be able to label you as a high risk driver any more. During those years, we recommend that you brush up your driving skills and learn how to save money on your monthly insurance premiums until you are once again regarded as a "normal" driver. You will find that plenty of companies in the Edmonton area offer free new driver insurance policy quotes. (Sharp Insurance is a good example of such a company.)

Happy (and safe) driving!

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