Wednesday, 14 January 2015

Is Speeding Considered a High Risk Driving in Edmonton?

Okay, so we've all heard it in the past, more times than we can actually count -- speeding can be dangerous, deadly even. But is it considered a high risk driving habit in Edmonton?

According to the ICBC, it is. Here is what their official website says about high risk driving:

The most common types of high-risk behaviours include failing to yield, ignoring traffic-control devices, following too closely, speeding, and improper passing.
Speeding has caused way too many accidents in the past and continues to do so on a daily basis all over the world. As we have said before on this blog, nothing is so important that it cannot wait. We know that you might be late for work, but which is better -- your boss getting angry at you or you causing a fatal road accident?

Driving is not a game, and it should never be taken lightly. We simply cannot stress this enough. If you find yourself speeding occasionally, we highly recommend taking a look at the reasons why you do so and trying to eliminate any negative things in your life that might influence this high risk driving habit of yours.

And even if your speeding does not cause any accident, is it really worth the eventual speeding tickets and being labelled as a high risk driver by Edmonton insurance companies? We don't think so. Not only can be speeding be deadly -- it can also be costly.

So next time you are running late to work, be sure to remember this before it's too late.