Tuesday, 24 February 2015

How Can New Drivers in Calgary Avoid Being Labelled As High-Risk Drivers?

As we have said before, being a new driver is Calgary can be tough. Every driver out there has been labelled as a new driver at one point or another. There is nothing wrong with that -- even if you do find yourself paying higher monthly premiums at first.

Being labelled as a new driver is, however, different from being labelled as a high-risk driver. The latter is not something that you should ever aim for as it is used by insurance companies to label drivers who are seen as more liable and more prone to accidents than others.

In other words, this label describes the tailgaters, the ones who speed and the ones who run red lights. It describes the ones who often partake in dangerous driving habits.

Being a new driver means that you will be prone to partaking in some of these habits as well. However, it doesn't automatically make you a high-risk driver... unless you actively run red lights or tailgate people when you are late to work.

Exercising caution and common sense while driving is the best way for you to avoid being labelled as a high-risk driver and eventually having to pay higher premiums or having your license completely revoked. We simply cannot stress enough the importance of driving carefully. Driving is not a game, and seeing it this way has the potential to severely injure people or even kill people.

As a new driver in Calgary, the best thing for you to do is keep a clean driving record for the next two years or so and simultaneously earn your right to drive.