Thursday, 12 February 2015

Should You Insure Your Small Calgary Business?

Owning a small business in Calgary can be tough. In between making sure that customers find you and offering the best products or services that you can potentially offer to them, you also have to manage the legal aspects of running a business. One of these aspects happen to be insurance policies.

As a small business owner, are you required to insure your company?

Legally, you are not required to insure your company in Calgary. But ideally, you wouldn't think twice about doing it. We live in a dangerous world. By now, this shouldn't come as a surprise to you. When people are not stealing from others, they are burning buildings and coming up with new ways to get away with frauds.

What would you do if your business was the target of such a fraud?

Because we live in such a dangerous world, as a business owner it is responsibility to ensure that your small business is properly insured. Without adequate coverage, you not only risk losing your company -- you also risk going bankrupt.

You will soon find that plenty of small business insurance policies are available to you. It doesn't matter whether you lease a building or work from home; it doesn't matter if you don't have employees working under you or whether you have 10 of them. Somewhere out there there are insurance policies that you absolutely need to purchase in order to secure your company's future.

We recommend talking with your insurance broker about those policies. Only then will you be able to truly sleep soundly at night.