Sunday, 19 July 2015

How to Keep Your House Cool This Summer In Calgary

Ah, summer. It's awesome.. but sometimes, it's a bit too hot for our liking. Summers in Calgary are no exception to that rule. If you've found yourself abusing your air conditioning a bit too much these last few weeks and have paid the price for it, Sharp Insurance would like to offer you a few tips on how to keep your house cool this summer in Calgary.

If you're currently melting away in your seat, take note! Here's how to keep your house cool in Calgary without using air conditioning:
  1. Open the windows at night. And keep them close during the day. This simple tip can and will go a long way if you follow it. By opening the windows at night you are essentially cooling your house down and allowing for better air circulation.
  2. Keep your blinds shut during the day. But keep them open at night. Sunshine filtering in from open windows is the #1 reason why homes in Calgary overheat. Keep them open and you will definitely see a quick improvement in the temperature of your home.
  3. Close doors during the day. And open them at night. Once again, this will allow for better circulation and will prevent heat from permeating certain areas during the day.
  4. Use more fans. Fans are amazing and are definitely one of our favourite replacements for air conditioning. We suggest placing at least one in every major room of your house.
  5. Don't use your oven as much. Ovens do a wonderful job of overheating houses. If you don't want that to open to yours, don't use your oven nearly as much as you usually do, or only use it when necessary. You might consider grilling a bit more this summer!