Thursday, 6 August 2015

Do I Need To Create An Inventory of My Edmonton Home?

When it comes to Edmonton home insurance coverage, one of the most common questions associated with this type of coverage is this one:
Do I need to create an inventory of my home in Edmonton?
No, you do not need to create an inventory for your home, but we can all agree that you should probably do that. In fact, we can probably take it one step further and all agree that you should take a picture inventory rather than a paper inventory. If you are new to the great big world of insurance coverage, then chances are that you are wondering why you need to do so. The answer to that question is fairly simple:

How else would you prove to your insurance company that you owned certain items?

(Yes, we are well aware that we answered a question with another question, but we think this one was quite self-explanatory!)

As you may (or may not) already be aware of, it is not uncommon for home insurance policies in Edmonton to cover a house as well as certain valuable items that can be found within it. Should those items somehow be damaged or stolen as a result of an insured peril, proving that you owned those items and that they were in good condition before the insured peril struck your house is of the utmost importance.

And guess what? It can only be achieved with a picture inventory...

Just don't forget to label and to date each picture properly! :-)


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