Sunday, 9 August 2015

I Got Labelled As A Red Deer High Risk Driver! Do I Need to Change Insurance Company?

Yikes! That's quite a situation that you put yourself in. But here's the good news: Your current situation is NOT your final destination. Of course, nobody wants to associate themselves with the title of "high risk driver" in Red Deer, but know that this is not a lifelong sentence unless you make it one. In other words, you won't always be labelled as a high risk driver unless you actually go out of your way to be one.

Now to answer the original question: Do you need to change insurance company? It depends on several things -- among them how much you are currently paying each month and how much you would like to pay.

Here's what we suggest that you do: First, don't panic. As we said earlier, it's not a lifelong sentence. If you manage to keep a clean driving record for two years or so, your monthly premiums will eventually go back to normal. This is because insurance companies are only allowed to look at the last 2 years of a person's driving record.

With that in mind, we do suggest that you do your best to lower your insurance premiums until insurance companies in Red Deer cease to label you as a high risk driver. You can do this by combining your other insurance policies, raising your deductible, making sure that your car is safe from thieves... and in some cases, changing insurance company.

Whether or not you would personally benefit from changing insurance company is something that you will have to find out for yourself. Just remember that paying more doesn't always mean that you are receiving better service!

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