Thursday, 24 September 2015

Red Deer Home Insurance Coverage: 2 Insurance Mistakes To Avoid

When it comes to home insurance coverage in Red Deer, knowledge and experience are really valuable. But here's the thing: Not every new home owner in the city have the knowledge and experience required to avoid making simple insurance mistakes. After all, they are new home owners for a reason. 

Over the year, the team at Sharp Insurance has seen too many people fall prey to basic home insurance mistakes. Don't be among them. 

If you are considering covering your new (or future) house in the near future, then here are 2 Red Deer home insurance mistakes that you absolutely need to avoid:
  1. Thinking, no scratch that, assuming that your policy covers floods... or anything else for that matter. Ask insured people what they fear the most about their home insurance coverage, and many of them will probably answer you with something along the lines of their insurance policy not covering x or y. This nightmarish scenario is nightmarish for several reasons. Firstly, it makes you feel vulnerable. Secondly, it can cost a lot. Before purchasing a Red Deer insurance policy, please, please, please make sure that you know EXACTLY what the policy covers... and what it doesn't.
  2. Paying too much each month. What most people fail to understand (especially new home owners) is that their monthly insurance premiums are not set in stone. While this might not be a mistake in the traditional sense of the word (at least for insurance companies in Red Deer), we consider it as such because in certain cases there is simply no reason to pay so much. Before purchasing a home insurance policy, do some research. Not only find the best available insurance policy for the price that you are most comfortable with, but also find ways to lower the premiums of said policy. You'll see -- you won't end up disappointed!


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