Monday, 26 October 2015

What Does "Full Car Insurance Coverage" Mean In Calgary?

In the world of car insurance coverage it isn't uncommon to hear people (especially insurance companies) talk about "full car insurance coverage". But what exactly does "full car insurance coverage" mean? And when does coverage become... "full"? Today, Sharp Insurance will be answering this commonly asked question, so keep reading if you've always wondered about this!

Quite simply, Calgary insurance companies like to use the term "full coverage" when a policy is comprised of both liability coverage and coverage for damage done to your car. These are the two most common types of insurance coverage found in Alberta, and the ones that you absolutely need to purchase before hitting the road.

Respectively, those two policies cover damage that has been done to people and their property as a result of an accident, and damage that has been done to your car. Most of the time, it doesn't matter whether you are not at fault or not, but this is something that you still have to double check with your insurance company. 

But here's the thing: "Full" coverage is never complete. It can never cover everything unless you purchase additional coverage to make sure that it does. Of course though, we don't recommend that you do unless you know for a fact that you will need additional coverage. You can determine this with the help of your insurance broker.

Until then, chances are that being covered under these two Calgary car insurance policies is more than enough for you. After all, it is still known as "full coverage" for a reason! 

Good luck and remember to drive safely!

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